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Her interest is in the human form and its relation to the organic found in nature. She takes her inspiration from the landscape and the natural world, especially the South Downs where she lives. She has always tried to express something of the spirit within rather that an illustrative interpretation of the human form, and she was influenced greatly by the inner power expressed in the Buddha sculptures in Japan, where she lived and worked for 5 years.

My interest is in the human form and its relation to organic forms found in nature. I take my inspiration from landscape and the natural world, especially the South Downs where I live. I have always tried to express something of the spirit within rather than an illustrative interpretation of the human form, and I was influenced greatly by the inner power expressed in the Buddha sculptures in Japan, where I lived and worked for five years. To me, this inner spirit is linked to our connection as human beings to the natural world and I try to create figures which express this connection through organic form which has the same dignity and power as forms found in nature. I hope that my sculptures can take their place in the landscape naturally, with as much right to be there, but not in competition with, all the natural forms around them

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Stephanie is an experienced sculptor working in stone, wood and bronze. Her main interest is in creating sculptures in stone for gardens and outdoor spaces. These sculptures are all based on the human figure, with inspiration taken from landscape and natural forms. After an Art education at Gwent College of Higher Education and St. Martins, Stephanie lived in Japan for over five years, completing her Masters Degree at Kanazawa University of Art and Design. In Japan she was awarded several commissions, including Hakuba City Council and Kanazawa City Council, and her sculpture can be seen at various locations across Japan. She was also awarded two prestigious prizes, the Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art Prize and the Hokuriku Chunichi Annual Art Prize. Shephanie now lives and works in Lewes, East Sussex and her latest commission was for a Portland stone sculpture for the memorial garden at the R.S.P.C.A. Headquarters in Horsham, West Sussex. In 2009 and 2010, sculptures were selected for the Cork St Annual Open Exhibition. In 2010 five sculptures were also selected for the Battle Contemporary Open, one sculpture was shortlisted for the Threadneedle Prize Exhibition, and a large Portland stone sculpture was selected for the prestigious `Heart, Head and Hands` exhibition at the Sir Harold Martin Botanic Garden in Leicester. This year, another large outdoor piece has been selected for their tenth anniversary exhibition `A Decade of Sculpture in the Garden`


Stephanie`s work has a wide range of influences, from African wood-carvings and Japanese Bhudda sculpture, to the early figurative work of Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, and the stone-carvings of Eric Gill, Henri Gaudia-Brezka and Jacob Epstein

Public Works

Kanazawa City Council, Japan
Nagano County Council, Japan

Teaching Experience
2003/05 - Adviser, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design 1995/03 - Adviser, Nottingham Trent School of Art and Design 1993/95 - Overseas Student Adviser, University of East London 1992 - Associate Lecturer, University of East London Faculty of Art and Design 1986 - Visiting Tutor, Leicester Polytechnic 1981/82 - Visiting Tutor, Hull College of Art
Public Acquisitions
Commissions 2007 - RSPCA, Horsham, West Sussex 1991 - Kanazawa City Council, Japan 1990 - Magara Engineering Co, Japan 1990 - Kanazawa Gold Leaf Company, Japan 1989 - Nagano Prefecture County Council, Japan 1985 - Klaus Tennstedt 1984 - London Philarmonic Orchestra


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