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Initially Simon Keeley trained as a stone mason in York before studying stone carving at the London City and Guilds Art School, and then acquiring an MA in architecture at the University of East London. This background has given an architectural dimension to his work, which draws on the heritage of sacred architecture and the architecture of the human figure to create his carved stone pieces. He mainly produces original artworks, which he designs and carves in stone.

Simon Keeley successfully mixes historic styled work, with contemporary designed letter carving and sculptural carving. ‘My heart will always be with historic interests and I think the best lessons are to be found in Simon successfully mixes historic styled work, with contemporary designed letter carving and sculptural carving. ‘My heart will always be with historic interests and I think the best lessons are to be found in work by the old masters’.

He has had important stone carving commissions around London, which he has designed and carved –involving historic settings, such as an heraldic plaque to celebrate the millennium for the Worshipful Company of Skinners.Various restoration carvings carved in stone and marble for Westminster Abbey and School.

A very impressive commission can be viewed on a historic façade
on a specialist clinic development on 120, Harley street in London. This
is an elaborate array of intricately carved ‘healing plants’ in Portland
limestone. Designed and carved by Simon, fitted in August 2009.

Public artworks, involving letter carving in various languages, in brick and stone with Fusion Arts/David Little in East Oxford in 2005 –‘Walkspace’. March 2008, sees me joining forces again with designer of the ‘Soundwaves’ project –David Little, working with the local community for a public area in Tower Hamlets, in East London. Here, as in at Oxford, he was responsible for producing contemporary styled letter carving in many languages, in Cumbrian slate bench tops.

Teaching – Simon began teaching stone carving at the Art Academy from April 2006 until the present day; for the last few years his courses have been fully booked. Simon has just started teaching in East London at St.John’s in Bethnal Green. He also runs very popular long term private classes at Windlesham, plus long term teaching at the prestigious West Dean college.

Radio and TV ; in 2009 Simon was interviewed by Radio 4 in Chichester Cathedral, in relation to ‘the Arundel Tomb’ in Chichester cathedral. In May 2010, he was filmed as a featured artist for ‘Kirstie’s Home Made Homes’, which has been aired a few times on channel 4.

Events – Simon will be appearing in his 4th year at Hatfield House 9th-13th May,
Art, Design and innovation -Living Crafts – selling out in previous years his highly popular ‘Stone carving Workshops’ for all the family at National Trust property Clandon Park -Simon is always happy to try workshops in historic houses or museums.

His last and most exciting commission was a half life sized figure of Saint Peter with keys, for a niche on St.peter’s church in Cockfield in Suffolk. This niche has been empty since the time of the reign of Henry VIII.

In 2011, Simon received The Gold Award –Craft and Design –Specialist Media
Category and in 2012 Simon returns to the winners podium to collect
The Silver Award –Craft and Design –Specialist Media category.

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I am happy to discuss commissions of all sizes – with a particular interest at present for The Large Abstract – sculptural carving work that would suit a large garden, corporate space or church yard.

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Sculptures by simon keeley



Having continued the family link to carving stone, my attraction to stone carving began with his life early in his career. While he was studying conservation and restoration in Lincoln, I developed a love on Lincoln cathedral, its architecture and fine carvings.


"My Great grandfather, Lincoln Cathedral, Rodin, Michaelangelo, Bernini, Canova, Leonardo da Vinci and Eric Gill. Nature, plant forms, foliage and fruits of the forest. Mythical Beasts -such as the gargoyles on Notre Damn, Cologne, Chatres and many other cathedrals and colleges. Abstract forms - especially in the realms of Barabara Hepworth and Henry Moore. Also Brancusi and Giacometti


Surrey Life Magazine-December 2006-Working with Angels-a review of Simon Keeleys` work by Nicola Barranger.
East End Life paper-Bigland Primary School/Poems carved on `public art` benches in Shadwell East London-2008.

Public Works

Whilst enjoying producing artworks that appeal to the Gallery visitor, I would like to expand the experiences I have had producing public art (brick carving in Knightsbridge, London and East Oxford), and fulfillment in creating working relationships with various diverse artists with their own specialist areas.

Teaching Experience
I have been teaching since 2006 teaching privately, at the Art Academy in London and West Dean College in Sussex. From 2011 I began teaching stone carving at Ardington School of crafts in Ardington, South Oxfordshire. Also in 2011 I took on teaching at St.John`s Church at Bethnal Green -Community Art room
Public Acquisitions
2005- Set up home studio continuing with private commissions and galleries. 2004/2005 - Fusion Art Oxford-Public Art-Health walk brick and stone lettercarving. 2001/2005 - Working from my studion in Limehouse, doing carving work for Westminister Abbey and Westminister School and other private commissions. 2001 - Public Art Brick Carving for Richard Kindersley, Knightsbridge. 2000 - Heraldic plaque commision for the Worshipful Company Skinners
Training initially as a mason in York, working as a mason in Stamford. Then further high level training as a stone carver at the London City and Guilds art school. In 2003, I acquired an MA - art in architecture at the University of East London, this affected my mind set with the work that I went on to produce. My carving work is heavily affected by the architecture around it, the links to sacred architecture and the architecture of the human Figure is continually apparent.


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Big Carved Hands Sculpture Big Hands statues Big Limestone Hands Statues Carved Hands Statue Carved Stone Hands Sculpture Large Praying Hands Sculpture Limestone Hands Statue Praying Hands Statue Praying Hands Stone Statue Praying Hands Stone Statues Big Chess Piece sculptures Carved Copy Historic Chess Piece Carved Knight statue Carved Medieval Knight statue Carved sculpture carved Stone Big Chess Pieces Carved Stone Knight sculpture Carved Stone Knight statuettes Lewis Knight Carved Chess Piece Carved Stone Archer sculptures Carved Stone Archer statue Medieval Bowman Carving sculpture Medieval Bowman Carving statue Medieval Bowman Hunting Carvings Medieval Hunter Stone Carving Primitive Bowman Sculptor Relief Hunter Carving Stone Carved Art Carved Green Slate Lettering sculpture carved Lettering Slate Wall Panel Carved Lettering Wall Panels Carved Poem Lettering sculptures Carved Poem Panel sculptures Carved Poem Panel statue Carved Script Stone Panel statue Script Slates Carving Panels bronze bust sculpture bronze Green Man sculpture bronze green Man statues Green Man Head sculptures Green Man Mask statue Green Man Wall Art Grotesque Man`s Face sculpture Grotesque Mans Face statue Little Green Man sculpture Little Green Man statues Architectural sculpture Carved Letter sculpture Carved Lettering statues Inspirational Lettering Stone sculpture Inspirational Wording Garden statue Letter Carving sculpture Slate Carving Stone Lettering Homily sculpture Stone Lettering Homily statue Abstract Garden sculpture Abstract Garden statue Abstract sculpture Abstract statue garden sculpture garden statue