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Sheila Mitchell Worked in bronze, resin bronze and terracotta. Portrait busts include HRH the Duchess of Kent, Sir George Edwards, Sebastian Coe and Jaqueline Bouvier (Onasis). President for 5 years of the Society of Portrait Sculptors. Sculptures in collections worldwide. Recent commissions include 11ft high bronze Pilgrim Statue for Walsingham. Exhibiting at the R.A., 28 Cork Street, London and abroad.

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Sheila Mitchell studied at Farnham and Guildford Schools of Art, and then the Royal College of Art. She was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 1977 and was for 5 years President of the Society of Partrait Sculptors.

She has completed over one hundred and forty portrait sculptures including bronze busts of HRH the Duchess of Kent, Sir George Edwards, Sir Fredrick Wood, Sebastian Coe and Jaqueline Bouvier


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Public Acquisitions
Sheilah Mitchell`s Collections:- HRH The Duchess of Kent for HM Forces Sebastian Coe for the Sports Aid Foundation Sir Edward Tuckwell - Master of the Barber Surgeons Hall Bronze plaque unveiled by HRH the Duchess of Kent at the Phillis Tuckwell Hospice. Eight Bronzes for MEPC London. Sir George Edward for the University of Surrey Commissioned by British Aeropsace Sir Fredirick Wood, Chairman, Croda International. Bronze plque for the new Chapel of St. Luke at the Royal Surrey Hospital. Bronze plaque for Barbar Surgeons Hall London Bronze plaque for Scarborough Town Hall Bronze group for Mr Peter Hutley of Bramley Bronze for Chichester Walk Way A Pieta for Wintersall Chapel Commemoration bronze bust of Arthur Davison for the Croydon Fairfeild Halls