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Rosario lives in Acireale (Sicily-Italy), a small town between the sea and the slopes of volcano Etna.He gives thanks to his loved and hated volcano for a precious a millenial gift: the Lava Stone, one of the most ancient and noble materials from the Earth, the stone which became art, ornamental objects, sculptures, interior decorations, solutions for architecture…and its originality, expressiveness, versatility, resistance allow to recognize it as a unique product all over the world. He gives thanks as well, to the blue sea, shining sun, coloured land of his own Sicily, which all around him managed to transform into art. That same art he is breathing everyday and he attempt to embed in his art works thus to feel with someone the same breath.

All my art works, or for better say handcraft works, are signed with the name `EtnaMadre`, just because I strongly wish to embed on them its own origin and furthemore because this name means collaboration with others sicilian craftsmen, living on Etna slopes, that allow me to realize what I`m not able to do by myself. I believe in my own traditions and I wish to make them widely popular
through various ways to express the art.
The sculptures I`m showing here, whom sicilian people call `Masks`, belong to one of the most ancient tradition of sicilian art. Long before the masks were utilized to adorn the outside floor of ancient balcons, main door wall of noble palaces. What more interesting of this kind of sculptures is that one can notice and enjoy the beauty of the bare stone, whereas these often are only sculptured by one side, in order not to ruin its own natural shape, and furthermore they are ancient stones relating to former lavaflows of volcano Etna and not so easy to find as well.

Sculptures by rosario scafaro


42 years old, Rosario is not a sculptor, not an artist, he did not attend Art School, he only is a self-taught, an craftsman as many others living there who are proud of being so.