Roman Velihurskiy

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Mediums Used

Sculptures by Roman Velihurskiy


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Animal sculpture Animal statue Dog sculptures Dog statue Domestic Animal sculpture Domestic Animal statue garden sculpture garden statue Metal Metal Monsters Garden Ornaments Metal Monster sculptures metal monsters statues Steel Monsters Fabrications Dancing sculpture Dancing statue Female sculpture Female statue Human Figurative sculpture Human Figurative statue Nude Female sculpture Nude Female statue sculpture of Women statue of Women Abstract Flying Female sculpture Abstract Flying Woman statuettes Contemporary Flying sculpture Little Abstract Woman Abstract sculpture Small Abstract Human sculpture Small Contemporary Abstract Woman sculpture Small Flying Abstract Female sculpture Dancer sculpture Dancer statue Female Dance sculpture Female Dance statue Human form Abstract sculpture Amusing Animal Garden statues Animal sculptures Garden Ram statues Humorous statues Iron Humorous Sheep sculptures Metal Domestic Animal sculptures Metal Ram sculptures modern Ram Garden statues Ram Garden sculptures Ram statue Caricature Cat sculpture Caricature Domestic Animal statue Grotesque Animal sculpture Grotesque Animal statue Humorous Cat Metal sculpture Humorous Domestic Animal sculpture Steel Caricature Cat statue Steel Humorous Tom Cat statue Steel Tom Cat Art Big Cat sculpture Big Cat statue Humorous sculpture Humorous statue Leo the Lion sculpture Leo the Lion statue lion sculpture Lion statue Signs of the Zodiac Mermaid sculpture Mermaid sculpture for sale Mermaid statue Mermaid statue for sale Mythical sculpture Abstract sculpture Abstract statue Human form Abstract statue Human form sculpture Human form statue Indoor sculpture mythical statue