roman talsky

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Mediums Used

Sculptures by roman talsky



Born: 6.1.1957, Melnik
Studies: Secondary Art School Study Promotional Art Praha 1976 (SOŠV Hollarovo nám.)
living and working in Prague.


Alexander Calder
David Smith
Tony Cragg
Karel Malich.

Public Works

Who`s Who Czech Republic, Young World, Reflex Magazine, Architect; Strategy; Modern Apartment professional magazines Cellar Theater, Šumná Vavra
1989-1990: collaboration with J. Vodnansky for the magazine "Hello on Saturday" (collage)
1990: Illustrations and book covers for the book collection "Patosání" by J. Hřebejk.

Stone symposium Jindrichuv Hradec 2006 Stone symposium Jindrichuv Hradec 2009.


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