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Robert Mileham, whose ability to capture the spontaneity and bounce of a dog and those dreamy moments in a child`s life is nothing short of a mystery. His work is really all commission resulting from people having seen his work in an exhibition or in a collection which are as far a field as the USA, Hong Kong, Belgium, Switzerland and of course Britain. He must be one of the finest sculptors of girls around.

Why do I sculpt? I simply love it. I just have to recreate life as I see it. I caught sculpture at a turning point in my life. It was infectious, demanding, selfish, totally compulsive, it has become my reason d`etre. Sculpture is in our time and place. It exists; it is more than an image. You should engage with it, touch it and see it from all angles. It has the advantage of presence.
I was always good at drawing but after A level Art I was not encouraged to pursue it as a career but followed my father and brother into the army. This was followed by some time in business.
I have gradually become known for sculpting figures and spaniels.
More than half my work takes the human form as its subject and here lies the route of my practice, training and influence. However, I have been asked to sculpt more than ten different breeds of dogs as well as many other animals, but why spaniels? I love spaniels, they are quick witted, keen to please and are particularly active. I grew up with them. Springers tend to be more reliable and the cocker full of surprises. Aesthetically they are perhaps the most endearing of dogs. I enjoy sculpting all sorts of animals but I will always come back to spaniels.
Much of my work is commissioned in bronze, a wonderfully versatile medium. Carved marble set the renaissance alight but bronze compliments it. Marble has translucence and radiance but bronze renders a greater spectrum of colour (Patina) and crispness for detail in any size or form.

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Robert Mileham started sculpting ten years ago and has been full time for eight of them. His work has come almost entirely on commission from people who have seen his works in private collections and at joint exhibitions. Robert is married with a recently grown up family and lives in rural Dorset. His last exhibition was in Mayfair at the Air Gallery.


As a young man Robert Mileham was heavily influenced by other artists in his family. Having studied sculpture in depth more recently he has found Tegners and Troubetzkoy of special interest.

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Specialist in Dyslexia.
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