phillip kotokwa

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Mediums Used

Phillip Kotokwa works in a variety of exotic stone from his native Zimbabwe. He is one of the few African artists that has made such inroads into the International market with pieces in wide spread collections.

Sculptures by phillip kotokwa



Philip KoTokwa was Born in 1972 in what is now Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, Phillip commutes between his homeland and the UK, taking on the challenges of raising the means to realise his dream of a Fine Arts degree in the UK. Phillip showed an early interest in stone sculpture and determined to make it his lifes work. He turned to sculpture full-time in 1994 and works on the most demanding of stones including leopard rock, granite, serpentine and spring stone.

As his ideas expanded beyond the typical Zimbabwean style, Phillip began to search abroad for new ideas and methods. He has never lacked imagination and has the grit and determination needed to get his wonderful sculptures out of Zimbabwe and into exhibitions and galleries around the world.

Public Acquisitions
His work is also in private collections in England, Germany, France, USA, Norway, South Africa, Spqain, The Netherlands, China, Korea, Japan, Belgium, Australia, Canada, Sweden and Denmark.