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Peter Wylly

Peter Wylly, the abstract side of nature, spirals, layers, waves, branching, natural patterns are his inspiration. He feels that he was always able to understand a good shape whether it is a Miyake dress, a Nogucci light, an Eames Chair, a Brancusi sculpture or the natural erosion of rocks.

He alwasys had a hands on approach to design. He built his own prototypes, form and feeling were much more important than function for his clothing, lighting and accessories. His design has a sculptural approach.

Sculptures by peter wylly



Born in Leicester 1967, Wylly studied fashion design in London then moved on to designing, lighting, products and interiors. A life long fascination with travelling, languages, symbols and pictographs led to the developement of Pictalk a picture language concept. Now an iPhone and Facebook app. Wylly started sculpting in 2002 and in Jan 2010 showed his first works in Paris.


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