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Paul Smith, drawing inspiration from cave paintings and developing with echoes from the Renaissance overlaid with the wildness and drama of the Highlands of Scotland and the Peak District. Stripping everything down to its element essential, he creates this art form that is all his own.

I am a full-time gallery artist, living and working on the edge of the Peak District National Park. My figurative sculptures re-interpret fairytales and fables for a contemporary grown-up audience. My version of Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, for instance, has a modern twist; she is presented not as an innocent victim, but as a confident femme fatale. The style is bold and semi-abstract with graceful sweeping curves and simplified details. I strive for a dream-like and contemplative quality to my work.

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Paul Smith`s Biography
Born: Northampton 1961

1983 Leicester Polytechnic 2:1 BA (Hons) Fine Art Sculpture
1985 Postgraduate Diploma in Art Therapy (St.Albans) (I have worked full-time from my own sculpture studio since 1998)


2010 February -

"British clay artist Paul Smith takes ancient myths and tales, some of which are as old or older than ceramics itself, and weaves them into wonderful and amusing pieces of fine art (see Clay Artists section).

In my opinion I think Paul`s work really stands out. Elsewhere on this site I have written more about Smith and how he fits into the big picture.

Personally, my favourite clay artist is UK sculptor Paul Smith. He is not a studio potter, but produces one off clay art pieces.

They are based on european folk tales as old as the hills and he uses an art form (ceramics) which is older than the hills.

I find them stunning, amusing, simple, telling and beautiful"

Peter Holland

2007 June - Cambridge Contemporary Art
`Telling Tales` - 2 person show with painter Nicola Slattery

"At a time when so much contemporary art is meaningless, self absorbed, visually dull, it is a joy to see the work of Paul Smith and Nicola Slattery. They celebrate a largeness of spirit, an innocence and a delight in the infinite possibilities of being human. This is magical art, pure, humorous and strong. - Sister Wendy Beckett

2004 September - Ceramic Review
Full review of Cambridge Solo Show. Also reviews in Cambridge Evening News and Arts East

"Paul Smith`s art is firmly rooted in the figurative tradition but at the same time goes well beyond representation"

Dr Alan Borg CBE FSA Director of Victoria and Albert Museum (1995-2001)

2002 May - Kensington Times
Pictures and text regarding work at Chelsea Art Fair

"I particularly liked Feathered Friends by Paul Smith. It manages to be both sensual and funny"

Nadia Warner

2001 August - Derby Evening Telegraph
Full Review of Buxton Solo Show

"Few recent solo exhibitors have so completely established a presence at this venue as Paul Smith. It would be difficult to remain indifferent to this show. The most singular distinguishing characteristic is the sculptor`s advanced plastic vocabulary"

John Fineran Derby Evening Telegraph

2001 > Numerous Magazines and Newspapers...

I have carried images of my work including: Country Living, Country Life, The Guardian, BBC Homes and Antiques, Ceramic Review.