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Paul Jenkins

Sculptures by paul jenkins


Paul was born in the West Midlands, England in 1949.

Paul first started his career in art the early 70`s sculpting in wood and then found himself drawn to sculpting in clay and wax.

Ke then went on to study ceramics at Dudley College to Art.

Within 5 years Paul a growing customer base that included galleries, private collectors as well as the general public.

Paul then sold the business to concentrate on more exclusive art work rather that the mass market pieces he have successfully produced in the past.

He then want on to work as a commercial designer for various companies around the world including the Metropolitan Museum in New York.


Pauls inspirations come from his love of nature especially animals. Many of his pieces are inspired from direct observations of wild animals in their natural hibitat.

Public Works

Paul has also sculpted several pieces for the National Trust which were presented to people for their outstanding contributions within the Trust.

Public Acquisitions
Was commissioned to reporduce the exact size, shape and colour of a rare 1850`s tea pot which was exhibited at the museum. Further copies were sold onto galleries and private collectors.


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