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Paul Cox is an award winning sculptor specialising in mixed Media construction. He was awarded the Henry Moore scholarship to study postgraduate sculpture at the Royal Academy Schools, London.

I am fascinated by drawing and the ability to create an image from lines and marks on paper. I like to experiment with paper and cardboard exploring scale and form, which are translated into more permanent media like ceramic, bronze, steel and wood – enjoying the variety of materials employed in my sculpture like hard metal and soft clay I can realise the sometimes surreal world from within. For me being an artist is a form of constant play and enquiry in many forms on many levels, my work is born from the bonding of internal and external experiences and the conclusion of a piece is the point at which it exists by its self with the artist the link in a process of creation.

Paul has developed some unique `rapid prototyping` techniques which enables him to explore full scale ideas quickly. His inventive use of material is born out of his strong desire to create objects that have a physical relationship with the world around them. His selection of materials is made by the decision that they must be freely available. One of his favourite materials to use is disused packaging, cardboard and bubble rap. This unassuming mundane material is so abundant in todays society, it has given him the freedom to play and explore. By cutting forming and manipulating it with his hands glueing and sticking it he can create very complex shapes allowing him to create any form he wishes. The forms can be polychromed with resin worked with clay or cast into bronze to create permanent works that can be placed outside. This process can also be applied to metal fabrication.

“I recognise that play is important, physical or intellectual play is involved in anything that is created.”

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Paul Cox was Born in shoreham-by sea 1975

I am an award winning sculptor specialising in mixed media sculpture. I was awarded a Henry Moore scholarship to study post graduate sculpture at the Royal Academy Schools, London. My work is now represented internationally in public and private collections. I now live and work in Newhaven, UK where I work on one-off commissions and exhibition pieces. If you would like a workshop visit please feel free to contact me to arrange a time.

Teaching Experience
Paul Cox is a Part-time 3D lecturer Foundation media arts, Northbrook college


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