patricia riveras

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Patrícia Riveras`s own Words…To abandon oneself to the dance of my own hands, to the energetic geture direct and nervous of my fingers on the clay, I do modelling as do living. My sculpture is my character, all passion and life, All melts together, I melt all, Angels and Demons everything.

I run away from perfection, from the statue, from canas and criteria. I rather get impresed by the unfinished where the effort of the figure for getting out through the materia can be perceived, embryonic materia announcing the new being. A throbbing emotion appears like in the very instanct of birth. There is a well the uncertainty and the mystery, the love to the unknown.

Sculptures by patricia riveras



I come from an environment of journalism specialised in Fine Arts, the artistic creation activities began sone 15 years ago making puppets. Constructing puppets awaken in me a passion for pure sculpture, a vocation I follwo with all my enthusiasm.

Public Acquisitions
"Sin titulo": MEAM (Museo Arte Moderno Europeo) "El Caminant": Museo de Tortosa (Spain).