nigel sardeson

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Nigel is a self-taught woodcarver with a background in forestry. He produces large wooden sculptures using a chainsaw for much of his work. Dabbling with carving since 1995 Nigel has made a part-time career of sculpture since 2005. Usually working to commission he specialises in producing sculptures for public places such as parks, cyclepaths and schools. Most of his work is in his home area of Lincolnshire but he has taken part in chainsaw carving events such as Sculptree at Westonbirt Arboretum. Sometimes experimenting with abstract, most of Nigel`s work is figurative and he aims to make it believable but simple.

Sculptures by nigel sardeson



Nigel became a forester for as a result of the 1987 storm he got a job clearing up the damage for the National Trust. He progressed to become Head Forester for the Cliveden Estate in Buckinghamshire in the 1990s, it was there he started experimenting with the tools of his trade to produce simple sculptures. He still combines wodd sculpture with arboriculture, since 2000 as a Forestry Officer in Lincolnshire where sculpture is a welcome escape from the computer and telephone.

Public Works

A series of animal sculptures for Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire 1999 now at Cliveden
A series of works on the Tennyson Trail cyclepath near Lincoln 2007
"Navvies" mural, Black Sluice, Boston 2008
A series of works on the Spa Trail, Horncastle 2009
"Isaac`s Apple", Wyndham Park, Grantham 2010
"River Swan", John Coupland Hospital, Gainsborough 2012
Two works for Mareham Pastures Country Park, Sleaford 2012
A series of works on "The Pathway" Bassingham 2012
Louth Museum Snail 2012


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