Nicolas Pain is a sculptor who specialises in marine wildlife. He is a keen scuba diver and seeks to portray the creatures that he encounters while diving with the aim of capturing their movement in this near weightless environment. One of the direct challenges of creating the work is to convey the feeling of movement within the underwater three dimensional space in which these marine creatures live. His direct observation of wildlife in it`s natural habitat, the underwater world, allows him draw on this as both reference and inspiration for his sculptural work.

My work is inspired directly by the marine wildlife that I encounter while diving. The Octopus was my first piece and inspired by a year of diving when I encountered these remarkable creatures on numerous occasions. In my work I aim to fuse my fascination for the sea and it`s wonderful creatures together with my artistic impulses. The underwater world presents a unique challenge and source of inspiration for a sculptor with it`s myriad alien forms and near weightless environment that supports shapes denied to earth bound life.

Sculptures by nicolas pain



Initially Nicolas sought to employ his artistic talents as a professional designer. After graduating in 1990 in Graphic Design B.A. (hons) he pursued a career as a graphic designer though his interest and ability in three dimensional work drew him into the to the video game industry in the late nineties. This allowed him to support his life long interest in both SCUBA diving and marine wildlife that proved to be the trigger for his sculptural work which he began in 2005.


Some of the great names in sculpture Auguste Rodin and Henry Moore are touchstones. Rodin`s mentor Edoudard Lanteri together with Rodin himself are timeless and informative as to the basic craft of the sculptors`s art while Moore is an influence in terms of the considering the abstract forms that can underpin figurative work.


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