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The maturity and success if Nic`s work is remarkable in one so relatively young.

His sculpture has huge dynamism and animation, yet at the same time an underlying repose and calm.

He works mainly in bronze and lead.

Sculptures by nic fiddian green



Nic Fiddian Green was born in Hampshire in 1963. He graduated from Wimbledon School of Art, London with a BA in Sculpture, and went on to attain his MA at St. Martins School of Art, where he also took a Diploma in Advanced Lost Wax Casting.

He is best known as an equestrian sculptor, working primarily in bronze and in beaten lead. He held his first exhibition in 1986, and has sine been in demand by galleries and collectors alike: his work is now shown regularly in London, New York and Australia. In addition he is well-known for carrying ot major site-specific commissions; tow recent monumental pieces have been Turning House for Glyndebourne Opera House in Sussex, and Horses Head in the Wind, for Treasury Holdings in Barrow Street, Dublin.

Like many who have spent a life with horses and know them intimately, Nic took them for granted during his early life; they were simply there. However, his view was changed in 1983 when he first saw the Elgin marbles at the British Museum. He began to see the horse as a spiritual entity, not just a living thing with a beauty and energy particular to itself but a universal vessel for a whole breadth of emotions. A Fiddian Green horse is not an animal sculpture in any traditional sense. It goes beyond the portrait to become a study in energy and quietude, exuberance or wistfulness.

Public Acquisitions
Commissions:- Turning Horse for Glyndebourne Opera House in Sussex and Horses Head in the Wind for Treasury Haoldings in Barrow Street in Dublin.


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