moise dikoff

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Mediums Used

My passion for architecture and my relationship with the major population centers, have always led me to a painting style and Sculpture, which was associated with a frame effect, I repeated the same drawings to capture the vibrations and pulsations to enter in this trance-like the urban spaces forced me to take.

These tensions and contradictions awake in me worries, which made me feel the vibrations of our limited society.

Today, after my long stay in the countryside there has been a change in all my work, which goes to explore my natural environment, to express power, strength and fragility facing the vastness that respect and fear spreads irationnelle.

In the images appears our complaints to the human attitudes that generate conflict against nature, in which there are no possible conciliation.

Nature created to stay alive and the human existence done everything possible to destroy and destroy.

My oil paintings are built on the crossing of Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism; I am interested to record my dreams, but without using them… I painted only to escape from them and their liberating forces, I concentrate with my rebellion to protest the pessimistic materialism that separates us from nature; and to follow our own lives recovering lost liberty.

Sculpture remained there, like old, she Urban, rational and seeks beauty through the forms.

It requires a great reflexive control and oposite spontaneity and flow of mystérious natural forces that create a dialogue confusion between the inside and the outside of oneself.

In the tables a protest against the breaking of the natural environment and our model of society, while in Sculpture, an approchement to the Urban spaces created by man.

It could be that the culture of today has moved away from nature, which has always been a source of inspiration.

We must rediscover our identity and our actitude to the Natural life, with which the man can fully identify.

Sculptures by moise dikoff


2012 Brusselles Wood Sculpture Symposium. Belgium. 2012 POZNAN Wood Sculpture Symposium. POLAND.