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Graduated from Fine Arts Academy of Wrocław, Poland. In 2005 he received the Sugarman Foundation Award. He creates mainly sculptures in public areas, e.g. the sculpture entitled Adam and Eve for the Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park in Chicago, Memorial of Gratitude to World War II Victims in Opoczno, Poland. He uses various materials: bronze, stone, wood and stainless steel. Since 1990 he has had many individual and group exhibitions in many countries.

I am a professional artist with interest in public art. The values expressed in in the RFQ match
my experience and vision for public artworks. I have previously completed successful projects
in the public realm, ranging from public parks, to shopping centers. My approach is site-specific
and generally developed with my own research. My main and incessant inspiration lies in nature
viewed as micro in macro structure. I am especially fascinated by the floral patterns, such
as constructions of flowers and plants. I treat a sculpture as a composition of space.
I am interested in place-making artworks that share values with sound urban design. In past projects, I have successfully collaborated with managers and general constructors of large
buildings, consulting professionals and several fabricators. Some projects I have done include coordinating with civic professionals on the municipal level. My artworks are engaging pieces that carefully fit, without necessarily seeming so, into their spaces by using a creative logic.
As an artist I have successful track record of urban-sited and integrated public artworks in multiple cities with municipal and private clients. The body of works includes public art projects around the world public, art plans for municipalities, and public urban installations. My projects have been completed in Seoul, Dubai, Chicago, Istanbul. In my work experience there are several noteworthy public art projects, among others:
• Realization of „Dandelions” near Burj Khalifa, UAE;
• Realization of „Dandelions” for Zorlu Center, Istanbul, Turkey;
• Sculpture “Adam & Eve” for Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park, USA;
• Cycle of artworks for Municipal Botanic Garden of Wroclaw University, Poland;
• Sculpture commissioned by Centrostal Wroclaw and located in front of the company’s head office, Wroclaw, Poland;
• 8 realizations – for Spanish Shopping Centers – Factory Wroclaw and Lubon, Krakow, Poland.
My public art projects always seek to stretch budgets in order to create the most impact possible. I do this through carefully examining the designs of buildings and sites.

Sculptures by mirek struzik



Mirek Struzik was born in 1956 in Żarów, Poland. In 1989 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw in the department of graphics, painting and sculpture - sculpture specialty. Master of fine art. Before gaining the degree he worked for 8 years in design studios where he got a few invention patents. Besides that he also studied industrial design.

Public Works

2018 Realization of „Dandelions”, Seoul, South Korea
2017 Realization of “Dandelions” near Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2017 Realization of “Walk” for the Municipal To łpa Park, Wrocław, Poland
2015 Realization of „Dandelions” for Zorlu Center, Istanbul, Turkey.
2012 Sculpture „Dandelions” in front of the „Integart” office building, Blonie near Wroclaw, Poland
2011 Sculptures „Butterflies”, „Birds” and „Leafs” for Futura Park in Cracow, Poland
2011 Realization of memory array of Polish director Stanislaw Lenartowicz, Wroclaw, Poland
2010 Realization of „Memorial of Gratitude to World War II Victims”, Opoczno, Poland
2008 Sculpture „Splinters” for the Factory Outlet II in Wroclaw, Poland
2007 Sculptures „Adam and Eve” for the Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park, Chicago, USA
2007 Sculptures „Shawl” and „Wardrobe” for the Factory Outlet in Lubon n. Poznan, Poland
2006 Sculptures „Roots” and „Composition” for the Factory Outlet in Wroclaw, Poland
2004 A project and realization of the St. Hedwig’s Chapel for Caritas of Archdiocese, Poland
2001-4 A cycle of sculptures for the Municipal Botanic Garden of Wroclaw University, Poland
1989 Sculpture „Force of Nature” in front of the „Centrostal” office building, Poland

Public Acquisitions
Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park in Chicago. Municipal Botanic Garden of Wroclaw University. Municipal park Tolpa in Wroclaw Poland.
2018 Participation in K-Lab Land Art Biennale Norway 2013 Participation in 9th International Sculpture Symposium, Davos, Switzerland 2011 "1st International Wood Symposium", Gangelt, Germany


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