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Matt Withington has Since Childhood been Intrigued by Three Dimensional Form and Movement, Whether it be Human, Animal, or Man-Made.
“For as Long as I can Recall I have tried to Capture and Express Shapes and Actions in Pencil, Paint and Clay”.

I am captivated by wildlife subjects particularly big cats and equine subjects, which exude power with graceful elegance, punctuated by explosive instants and tempered by periods of latent energy. I try to express these moments, whether the sharp release of power of a predator hunting or the twitch of an alert ear of the hunted.
In people I discover endless intrigue in face and figure. I find it scintillating when an emotion or attitude is evoked in clay or on canvas with the minimum of loose lines or impressions. That a few strokes can render so much meaning is perpetually fascinating.
Often the first few impressions of a subject, rendered quickly on paper, are the most visceral, it is this immediacy and vigour of the rough sketch that I try to emulate through sculpture. Over time I have developed this practice and continue to do so with every piece, each sculpture becoming a fresh, exciting adventure.

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