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With the high rate of poverty and devastating unemployment opportunity in Kenya, Boma Africa Heritage was formed and started in 2006 to bring together unemployed local artisans with great talent in art work but from poor backgrounds to showcase and sell their products as an income generating activity. ‘Boma’ is a Swahili name meaning ‘fortified villages or camps’ in, it is under this aphorism that the company brings together an array of artist from different local communities diversifying our range of products to satisfy our huge client base which ranges as far as Spain, Germany, England, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland and Great Britain. Boma Africa is world renowned for its high quality assorted handmade African arts and crafts made from locally obtained raw materials by our own uniquely talented local artists. In doing so, the company empowers the local communities through employment and the proceeds earned by these craftsmen and women facilitates them to cater for their basic and secondary needs including housing, medical aid, food and education.

Sculptures by mary wildlife garden creations


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Adult Meerkat sculpture Adult Meerkat statue African Animal sculpture Animal sculpture Animal statue Fabricated Metal statue Mary Wildlife Creations Meerkat sculpture Meerkat statue Outdoor Garden statue Wild Animal sculpture Wild Animal statue African Animal statue Endangered Species sculpture Endangered Species statue Large Garden Outdoor statues Rhino sculpture Rhino statue statue of a Rhino Contemporary African Hippopotamus statues Floating Hippo sculptures Floating Hippo statue Fun Hippopotamus sculpture Garden Hippopotamus sculptures Half Hippo Metal statue Hippo Garden Lawn sculpture Hippo Swimming sculpture Humorous Hippo sculptures African Animal Outdoor statue African Antelope sculpture Big Leaping Antelope sculpture Garden Animal statue Impala Antelope sculpture Impala Herd sculpture Impala Herd statue Leaping Impala statue Wild African Animal sculpture Baby Meerkat sculpture Baby Meerkat statue garden statue Mary Wildlife Creations statues Wild Life sculpture African elephant sculpture Baby Elephant sculpture Calf Elephant sculpture Life Size Baby Elephant statue Lifesize Calf Elephant statue Mary Wildlife Creation Trumpeting Elephant Calf sculpture Wild Baby Elephant statue Young Wild Elephant sculpture Baby African Elephant sculpture Baby Elephant statue Elephant Calf sculpture Garden African Elephant sculpture Life Size Elephant Garden statue Playing African Elephant Calf sculpture Young Elephant Outdoor sculpture Adult Elephant sculpture Adult Elephant statue Big African Animal sculpture Large Elephant Metal statue Life Size Elephant sculpture Life Size Elephant Statues