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Mediums Used

Mark Stonestreet has been creating sculpture for 30 years, beginning his career in the late 80`s whilst working as an industrial welder, his work has developed through his arts education in the uk, to the granite sculptures exhibited today.

His work investigates the space between line and form, the process of evolution from a drawing to a 3d object. He is a direct carver letting the stone have equal say in the out come of a work.

Mark Stonestreet works, both sculptural and 2d are currently in many private collections both in the UK, USA and in Asia.

Having discovered stone as a medium for my work, I have yet to find another that compares. I am passionately drawn to its solidity and majesty and I revel in the length and intensity of the processes involved.

I continue to learn about different types of stone and their idiosyncrasies and to develop my creative language in the medium. I have travelled as far afield as India on this learning process – and although they are not always apparent in each work, these journeys are subtly hinted at in each finished sculpture.

Primarily a direct carver, I see the process as a conversation between myself, the stone and the tools – the inspiration for this relationship being a chosen line or a form found in my many drawings.

Sculptures by mark stonestreet



Early works were inspired by some of the greats in sculpture, Brancusi, Rodin etc. Recently his works have been influenced by the more contemporary sculptors such as Peter Randle Page, Helaine Blumenfeld and Jon Arp.

Public Works

Sudatha, Patana city center, India
Binary World II, Chennai India
Agni, Chennai India

Teaching Experience
2001 Teaching Amble School, Amble, Northumbria. Artist in residence, basic sculpture (breeze block carving). 2001 Amble school, life drawing classes 2007 Teaching introduction course in soft stone carving for Dutch teenagers undergoing corrective social training (Dan jo Jowk, The Hague, Holland) 2011 Introduction stone carving courses, Stanmer Stone Works
2011 Pallava sculpture symposium, tamil nadu, India. (artist, organiser) 2011 Bihar sculpture symposium, patna India. Work chosen for permanent exhibition in city centre 2011 Pallava International Sculpture Symposium 2013 Pallava International Sculpture Symposium