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Contemporary British Sculptor Mark Elson.

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My name is Mark Elson I was born in Swansea in 1962, left school at the age of 14, with no education or qualifications, was brought up in a care home where I lived up to the age of sixteen, then started work at the age of sixteen on a building site as a general labourer, and spent most of my working life in unskilled jobs and currently working filling shelves in a supermarket.

My lifetimes dream and ambition has been to work in an environment that inspires creation.

After approaching a bronze foundry in 2011, it transpired that the owner of the bronze foundry had links with several art galleries in the UK, the owners of the art galleries then showed some interest in my work, I was then prompted to have the work produced and manufactured in foundry bronze, however, the cost of investment for me at the time was too high.

Since then, I decided to set out to teach myself about all the technical aspects of designing moulding casting and finishing, in order to start producing work myself.

Art Parks International have kindly let me in and opened the doors offering me a unique opportunity which allows me to display my work internationally right alongside some of the worlds most renowned artists.

What is very special is that the work I have listed on the ArtParkS web site is the first product to be produced and manufactured from my home studio.

With the knowledge and skills that I have learnt over the past few years, I hope to combine my enthusiasm and creative streak, with those new skills which include but are not limited to designing, moulding, casting and finishing.

This is the start of a new journey for me in life, as I know full well how hard it is for any artist to gain any form of recognition, along the way, and I hope that I can assist other aspiring artists in realising their own potential.

The first product released from my home studio’s in July 2014, is the elegantly detailed set of three miniature male torso’s, released as a limited edition series 1/1000 pieces.

These erotic figures, which have been produced in cold cast bronze, are currently distributed via Art ParKs International, and via my own web site.

If there are any artists or sculptors that need help to bring their products to life, with regards to moulding, casting, or finishing please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I am sure I can help in some way.

All products made by Mark Elson.Co.Uk are made to a high standard, come gift boxed with a certificate of authenticity, and include a 14 day money back guarantee which starts from the day you receive your goods.

Kind Regards

Mark Elson