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Marie Shepherd has always been fascinated with forms and movement. This is reflected in her sculptures. She likes to explore various facets of sculpture, from the sensitivity and dynamism of the human form to humour in animals or the pleasing shape of fruit.
She draws a lot of her inspiration from the nature around her.

My style varies, it depends on the subject, but also on the modeling material I use. I love working in plaster, it gives me a smooth finish so I use it for sculptures of fruit or a figure. Alternatively, I use clay or wax for a textured finish.

My sculptures are either cast in bronze resin or bronze.

Sculptures by marie shepherd



Marie Shepherd is originally from Brittany, she lives in Oxfordshire where she pursues her passion for sculpture; it has always been a life-time ambition, but with a busy family and a professional life she was only able to begin, in earnest, in September 2004 at the Sunningwell School of Art with Alison Jones. It rapidly became a passion. She took the opportunity to enroll in several courses at West Dean with Jon Edgar, life classes with Rosamund de Tracy Kelly and Jane Hamilton.
She is an active member of the Oxford Sculptors Group and regularly takes part in exhibitions around the country.


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Amusing Little Owl sculpturse Fun Bronze Wild Bird statue Humorous Little Owl statuettes Life Size Garden Owl statue Little Owl Indoor statue Perched Little Owl sculpture Perched Little Owl statues Perched Owl statuette Standing Bird of Prey statues Big Apple Sculpture Big Cut Apple Statue Big Sliced Apple Sculpture Bronze resin cut Apple Sculpture Giant Sliced Apple statues Large Cut Apple Sculpture Large Fruit sculpture Large Fruit Statue Outsize Sliced Fruit Sculpture Oversize Apple Sculpture Bronze Resin Dachshund Sculptures Dachshund Asleep sculpture Dachshund Asleep statue Dozing Dachshund statues Life Size Miniature Dachshund Sculpture Miniature Dachshund Asleep Statue Pet Dog sculpture Resting Dog Sculpture Small Sleeping Dog Statues Domestic Farmyard Poultry sculpture Farm Yard Animals Sculpture Hen Statues Life Size Chicken Sculpture Life Size Domestic Birds sculptures Life Size Hen Sculptures Life Size Poultry sculpture Life Size Poultry statue Outdoor Life Size Poultry Statue Drowsing Little Owl sculptures Drowsing Little Owl statuette Perched Little Owl sculptures Perched Little Owl statue Perched Owl statuettes Standing Bird of Prey statue Big Indoor Pear statue Big Inside Pear statue Bronze resin Indoor Fruit Statue Extra Big Indoor Pear statue Interior Realistic Pear statues Large Indoor Fruit sculptures Large Indoor Fruit statue Large Indoor Pear sculpture Outsize Pear Indoor statue Anatomical Brain v Walnut sculpture Big Walnut statue Bronze Nut statues Indoor Large Walnut sculpture Indoor Small Brain sculpture Indoor Walnut v Brain sculpture Outsize Fruit sculptures Small Brain Bronze sculptures Walnut v Brain Bronze sculpture Garden Owl statues Life Size Little Owl statues Life Sized Perched Owl sculpture Little Owl Perched sculptures Little Owl statuettes Perched Stretching Owl statue Standing Bird of Prey statuettes Standing Little Owl sculpture Big bronze Apple statue Contemporary statues Large Apple sculpture Large Bronze Fruit sculpture Large Indoor Apple sculptures Marie Shepherd Fruit statue Marie Shepherd sculpture Outsize Bronze Cut Apples sculptures Oversize Apple Bronze statuette bronze Bird of Prey sculptures Bronze Little Owl Indoor sculpture Bronze Little Owl sculpture Little Owl Garden statues Metal Indoor Owl sculptures Outdoor Little Owl sculpture Strutting Owl Bronze statues Walking Little Owl statue Wise Owl sculpture