Sculptures by lxbfYeaa


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African Animal and Wildlife Sculptures African Art Sculpture Statuary Animal and Human Love sculpture or Statues Animal and Plantlife Biodiversity Consevation Sculpture Animal Kingdom Sculpture & Statues Animals and Birds in Flight sculpture Animals and Humans Sculptures, Statues and Statuettes Best Seller sculpture statues Bronze Animal Sculpture Bronze Dog Sculpture Bronze Garden sculpture Bronze Little or Small sculpture Bronze Resin/Cold Cast Bronze sculpture Bronze statue Cold Cast Bronze sculpture Commission and Custom and Bespoke sculpture Statues Dogs Sculpture Dogs Small or Little sculpture statue Dogs Wild, Foxes, Wolves, Sculptures / Statues Endangered Animal Species Sculptures Garden Or Yard / Outside and Outdoor Sculptures Garden wildlife Sculptures Human and Animal sculptures Hyperrealistic sculptures Indoor Inside Interior Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculptures Indoors Interior sculptures Inside Sculpture Animal Memento happy Reminder sculpture statue statuette Animals in Repose Resting Sleeping Lying Custom Commission Bespoke Animal Sculpture Dog Portrait Sculpture Dogs Hounds Bitches Puppies Sporting and Racing Domestic Animal Sculpture Life Size Animal Sculpture LIfe Size Dog Sculpture Statues Lifelike Animal Sculpture Realistic Representational Lifelike Animal sculpture statue Realistic Representational Sculpture Yard Outdoor Sculptures Animals on the Go Sculpture Commemoratives and Memorials Sculptures Contented Happy Relaxed Sculpture or Statue European Animal / Wildlife Sculptures Lifelike Realistic Dog Sculpture Outdoors Garden or Yard sculpture Outside Portrait sculptures/Commission or Bespoke or Customised sculptures sculptures/statues Field Sports, Game Animals Sculptures Interior Indoors Inside Sculpture Small Animal Sculptures American Wildlife Sculpture Animals at Play Sculptures Asian Animals sculptures or statues Chickens Hens Poultry Cocks Cockerels Roosters Chicks Turkeys Farmyard Fowl Domestic Ducks and Geese Farm Yard Sculptures Little Animals Sculpture Little Bird Sculpture Statue Pet and Animal Portrait Custom or Bespoke or Commission Commemorative or Memorial sculpture statue Pigs, Sows, Boars, Hogs, Piglets Sounders Sculptures or Statues Statues statuettes Tabletop Desktop Small Indoor Statuettes Figurines Sculptures Welcome Happy Return Sanctuary Safe Haven Recption Welcome Home sculpture statue Abstract Figurative Sculpture Abstract Interior Indoor Sculpture Statuee Abstract Modern Contemporary statues sculpture statuary Amusing Humerous Fun Sculpture Awards, Trophies, Presentations and Prizes Sculptures Caricature Sculptures Statues statuettes Figurative Abstract Modern or Contemporary Sculptures Statues statuary statuettes figurines Figurative Bronze Human Figurative Sculptures Little Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculpture Small /Little Abstract Contemporary sculptures/statues Small/Little Figurative sculpture/statuette/ statuary/ornament/figurine Social Comment sculpture statue statuette Abstract Contemporary Modern Civic Urban sculpture statue statuary Abstract Contemporary Modern Outdoor Outside Garden / Yard Sculptures Statues statuary Allegorical /Parable Sculpture Contemporary Abstract Modern Sculpture Geometric Sculpture Globular Spherical Round Sculpture Statues Mixed Media Sculptures, Statues Garden Ornaments Monumental Contemporary Abstract Modern sculptures Round Round Globular Ball shaped Sculpture Solar System Sculptures Spherical Globe like Ball shaped Round Abstract Contemporary sculpture statue statuette Little Dog or Hound Sculpture Abstract Contemporary Couple Sculpture Statue Abstract Contemporary Nude sculpture statues Abstract Loop or Ring Indoor & Outside sculptures/statues/ statuettes Balancing Sculptures Couples or Group Sculptures Family Groups sculptures Farewell Goodbye Parting Au Revoir Adieu sculptures statues carvings statuettes figurines Horizontal Long Lateral Wide sculpture or statues Human Form: Abstract Sculptures Serene Contemplative Calm Female Woman sculpture Spiritual sculpture Stick Like Sculpture or statues or statuettes or Figurines Stylized People Sculptures Variety of Emotional feelings depicted in Sculptures


This artists work is found in the following tags on site:
Bespoke Resting Staffie sculpture Commission Staffie Sculpture Commission Tanya Russell Dog Sculpture Custom Staffie Lying Sculpture Lifelike Staffie Sculpture Lifesize Staffie Sculpture Realistic Lifelike Staffie Sculpture Resting Staffie Sculpture Tanya Russell PET Dog Sculpture Commission Tanya Russell St bernard Dog sculpture Lifelike St Bernard Dog Sculpture Lifesize St Bernard Dog Sculpture Realistic St Bernard Dog Sculpture St Bernard Dog Custom Sculpture St Bernard Dog portrait Commission Sculpture St Bernasrd Dog Custom Sculpture Tanya Russel Animal Sculpture Tanya Russell Pet Portrait sculpture Bonze Dog Portrat Commission Sculpture Bronze Bespoke Dog Sculpture Bronze Dog Custom Sculpture Bronze Lifelike Norfolk Terrier Sculpture Bronze Norfolk Life Size Sculpture Life Size Norfolk Terrier Portrait Sculpture Lifelike Norfolk Terrier Sculpture Little Tanya Russell MRBS Terrier Sculpture Norfolk Terrier Portrait Sculptyure Bronze Pig and Chicken Sculpture Little Lifelike Farm Animal Sculpture Little Pig and Hen Sculpture Little Porker and Chicken Sculpture Small Pig and Chicken Sculpture Small Pig and Hen Sculpture Tanya Russell Farm Animalsculpture Tanya Russell Livestock Sculpture Tanya Russell Pig Sculpture Lifelike Westie Bronze sculpture Sitting West highland Terrier sculpture Tanya Russell commission Dog Sculpture Tanya Russell Westie Sculpture West Highland Terrier Bronzes West Highland Terrier Commission sculpture West Highland Terrier Dog statues West Highland Terrier sculptures West Highland Terrier statue Westie Sitting Bronze Sculpture Little Fun Bronzed Stylised Man Sculpture Little Max Hojer Jacobsen Sculpture Little Rude Gesture FigurativeSculpture Little Rude Social Coment Sculpture Small Fun Rude Gesture Sculpture Small Abstract Insulting gesture Sculpture Small Max Hojer Jacobsen Sculpture Abstract Wartorn Earth sculpture Bronze Round Earth Sculpture Burnibg Planet Earth Sculpture Burninig Bronze Globe Sculpture Earth at War Sculpture Global Conflict Warning Sculpture Global War Warning Sculpture Hans Koenen Abstract Bronze Sculpture Hans Koenen Bronze Globe Sculpture Round Bronze Earth Sculpture Round Earth Shaped Sculpture Round Global Bronze Sculpture Spherical Round Globe Bronze Sculpture Bronze Standing Dog sculpture John Douglas Joyce Animal Sculpture John Douglas Joyce Grey Hound Sculpture John Douglas Joyce Pet Portrait Sculpture John Douglas JoyceGreyhound Portrait sculpture Little Bronze Dog Sculpture Little bronze Greyhound sculpture Small Bronze Dog sculpture Small Bronze Standing Dog sculpture Standing Little Bronze Greyhound Sculpture Standing Waiting Greyhound Sculpture Bespoke Pet Dog Portrait Sculpture Golden Retriever Dog Standing sculpture Golden Retriever Upright Sculpture Golden RetrieverPortrat Sculpture. Little Tanya Russell MRBS Retriever sculpture Pet Dog Commission portrait sculpture Tanya Russel Commission Dog Sculpture Tanya Russel Custom Dog Sculpture Tanya Russell Bespoke Pet Dog sculpture Bronze Liubka Kirilova statue Little Ballancing People Sculpture Little Contemporary Bronze Couple Sculpture Little Contemporary Bronze Sculpture Little Figurative Indoor Sculpture Little Human Interaction Bronze Sculpture Liubka Kirilova Contemporary sculpture Liubkac Kirilove Bronze Couple Sculpture Small Bronze Ballanced Couple Sculpture Small Figurative Interior Sculpture Small Liubka Kirilova Figurative Sculpture Small Man and Woman Sculpture Small Modern Couple Bronze Sculpture