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Lucile Driskell

My approach to art ignores current affairs and social messages to emphasize purity of form, response to light and appeal to the mystical. Socrates has given me an artistic credo, “I will try to speak of the beauty of shapes -and I do not mean the shapes of living figures or their imitation in painting, but I mean straight lines and curves and shapes made by them- they are not beautiful for any particular reason or purpose but are eternally and by their nature beautiful and give pleasure”.

Non-objective abstract art allows complete freedom for expression and also for viewing. Any reference to objectivity, no matter how distorted or abstracted, brings preconceived images into association and disturbs the concepts I attempt to project. I do not deny the beauties of nature but believe the camera can capture these qualities. My work goes beyond the camera to figures of imagination, a place where my joy in creating can be shared with your pleasure in viewing.

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Lucile Driskell is a native of New York and a graduate of Finch College, Manhattan, with additional courses at the La Jolla Museum of Art. The artist lived in Italy for seven years working closely with a foundry and a stone sculpture studio in Pietrasanta. She also studied printmaking with Michael Ponce de Leon at the Art Students League in New York, where she is a life member. She is a subject of biographical record in the current editions of Who`s Who of American Women, Who`s Who in America and Who`s Who in the World.

An artist who makes distinctive and original works in a number of mediums, Lucile Driskell has been professionally creating art since 1968, primarily as a sculptor. Driskell has crafted pieces with curves and spirals, anticipating the ways in which day and artificial light will create different shades and tints through as well as around the sculpture. Indeed, Driskell is exceptional in the manner she uses empty space and implied lines more effectively than most artists. Therefore, the art invites the viewer`s gaze into the interior, along the flowing lines and enticing forms. Furthermore, Driskell creates pieces with moveable arms and joints, art that offers different possibilities on how to view them. The geometric and abstract forms expand into essentially different sculptures. There is sculpture that presents a sense of movement in a stationary position, as Driskell`s does, but few sculptors actually achieve a quality of motion. Driskell`s work truly replicates an energy and momentum of dynamic movement.

Public Acquisitions
SELECTED COLLECTIONS Verizon Corp., Philadelphia Dupont Corp., Wilmington Blue Cross, Philadelphia First Union Bank, Wilmington Macy`s, Washington, DC Exxon Mobile Corp., New York SAS Institute Inc. Cary, NC Rockefeller Center Mgmt. Corp., New York Trammel Crow Development., "Westlakes", PA Great American Insurance, Cincinnati Subaru Corp. of America, New Jersey Hoffman-LaRoche, New York Long, Vasbinder and Johnson, Columbus, OH Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia


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