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Lotte Thuenker is one of the international artists that work in Pietrasanta´s marble sculpture studios. She was born in Bonn, she studied in Berlin – and then worked in – architecture. Her works, sculpted in marble, lime stone and onyx, seem at once light and without gravity – and also as if they are in motion, ultimately finding their equilibrium in a single point. She says she finds her inspiration `in the movement of water, the hulls of boats and in the shipwrecks sanded by the sea, as well as in the four elements, and in the animal and plant world, like in fossils and seeds.´ In her non-figurative pieces, which she produces according to canons of artisanal craft, Lotte plays with line and plane. Spirals, ellipses, circles and parabolic shapes emerge and are re-integrated into the whole.

Shell and cochlea being washed by the water
Ammonite becoming manifest in stone
Boat and skiff dancing on the waves
Fish and sea urchin nibbling at the coral reef
Seed capsule and leaf swinging in the wind
Song and poem sounding in music.
Finding balance and maintaining equilibrium
Searching for the centre of gravity and remaining upright
Establishing point of view and creating a base
Deciding lines and expanding planes
Turning spirals and bending parabolic curves
Pulling ellipses and defining sweeps
Digging caves and creating views
Curving levels and leaving traces of carving
Encouraging movements and finding tranquility.
Touching and handling
Looking and seeing
Sensing and feeling
Light passes through stone –

Sculptures by lotte thuenker



1954 Born in Bonn, Germany
1973-80 Studies of architecture at Berlin Technical University, diploma examination
1981-96 Architect in Berlin architect´s offices, project management
since 1992 Studies of painting and drawing, work stays in Italy
since 1993 Sculpting in marble, limestone and onyx
1996 Sculpture Symposium `VOGLIO VERDERE – Sculpture in landscape´
in Pietrasanta/Lucca, Italy
since 97 Sculptress und self-employed architect, main focus of her artistic work is:
- Stone sculpture for indoor and outdoor spaces as well as tomb sculpture
- Sculpture in bronze und porcelain
- Paper collage und water color
2001 Co-founder und partner in the International Sculpture Studio Pescarella,
Pietrasanta/Lucca, Italy
Numerous exhibitions und participations in Svizzerland, Italy and Germany
Her work can be seen in public collections like: Foundation UTOPA,
Foundation HET DEPOT, Wageningen, Netherlands, AIV Association of
Architects and Engineers in Berlin, Germany and in numerous private
2011 Sculpture Symposium `DER LAUF DER DINGE´ in Lindern/Oldenburg,
Member of the Chamber of architects in Berlin, Germany
Member of the Association of architects and engineers in Berlin, Germany
Lotte Thuenker lives and works in Pietrasanta, Italy and in Berlin, Germany


I admire the work of Matisse Brancusi Michelangelo

Public Acquisitions
Sculptures in the permanent collection of HetDepot sculpture museum in the Netherlands, sculptures in the Architects- and Engeneer`s association in Berlin, various sculptures and paintings in private collections in Germany, the US, and in Hongkong.
1997 `Voglio Vedere´, Sculpture symposium in Pietrasanta, Italy 2011 `Der Lauf der Dinge´, Sculpture symposium in Lindern, Germany


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Abstract Black Lime Stone Carving Abstract Stone Carving statue Black Limestone sculpture Little Abstract Black sculpture Minimalist Abstract Limestone sculpture Modern Symmetrical Black Stone Carved sculpture Small Contemporary Abstract sculpture Abstract Curling Wave sculpture Abstract Curving Carved Marble statuette Abstract Marble Indoor sculptures Abstract White Marble Inside statue Contemporary Curving Wave statuette Contemporary Hollow Wave statue Modern Carved Marble Delicate sculpture Balanced Black Modern Indoor sculpture Contemporary Indoor Black Carving Little Abstract Limestone sculpture Little Abstract Stone Arts Little Black Contemporary Limestone sculptures Modern Little Black Indoor statuette Organic Sea Creature sculpture Abstract White Interior Marble statuette Abstract White Marble Fish sculpture Contemporary Movement statue Contemporary White Marble statuette Elegant Movement White Marble sculptures Little Modern Marble Movement statues Modern Stylized Water statue Abstract Cube Square Yard statue Abstract Rectangular Stone sculptures Black Cube Garden sculpture Black Rectangular Contemporary sculpture Contemporary Square Shaped statue Cubic Modern Abstract Garden statue Stone Geometric Square Garden sculptures Carved Marble Abstract sculpture Carved Marble Stylized Elephant sculpture Elegant Abstract Elephant Marble sculpture Little Abstract Contemporary Animal sculpture Modern Minimalist Small Elephant statues Small Contemporary Abstract Elephant statue Abstract White Marble Wave sculpture Contemporary Wave Movement statue Contemporary White Marble Curl statue Modern Marble Movement Statues Abstract Marble Inside statue Contemporary Hollow Wave White statue Abstract Carved Marble sculptures Contemporary Abstract Outdoor statues Contemporary Garden Marble statues Curved Carved Marble Marble Abstract Garden sculpture White Indoor Contemporary statue White Marble sculpture White Outside Contemporary statue Abstract Big Peach Stone statue Abstract Peach Stone sculpture Black Polished Peach Stone sculpture Indoor Abstract Stylized Fruit Stone Carving Large Contemporary Peach Stone statue Outsize Abstract Fruit Stone sculpture Oversize Peach Stone Carving Abstract Little Bird Bronze sculptures Abstract Pebble Shaped Bronze statuettes Contemporary Abstract Bird sculpture Little Pair of Contemporary Bronze sculptures Polished full Bronze Modern sculptures Small Rounded Bronze Abstract statuettes Abstract Circular Curved Marble sculpture Contemporary Joy White Marble statuary Contemporary Peaceful Marble Indoor sculptures Elegant Movement White Marble sculpture Peaceful Abstract Carved Stone statue Polished Contemporary White Marble sculpture