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I was born in Hoddesdon, in 1961 and moved to Thetford in 1964. It was during my early school years that my aptitude for art became apparant. My first exhibition was held at school when I was 12 years old. Since then my media has progressed and diversified from canvas to skin, clay and concrete.

I became interested in tattoos in the mid-eighties but after a couple of poor examples being inflicted upon me I decided to give it a try, first on myself and then on others, when I found how easy it was. It became a rewarding outlet for my artistic instincts but it wasn`t until the early nineties that my more `traditional` approach to art re-emerged after I started taking evening classes to expand and refine my skills. I painted and drew many pictures, selling several and winning awards for others.

Then, about ten years ago, I moved into my current home, and my garden became my new canvas. Pottery and sculpture became an integral part of my work as I changed the complete layout and design of the garden with the objects and sculptures I created.


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