lee eastwood

This artist accepts commissions

Mediums Used

sandringham show.

you can find me at all the major shows in Norfolk demonstrating my skills, involving people as much as i can along the way.

i`m lucky enough to be able to work outside doing something i realy enjoy doing and that is where i`ll leave the work that i do.

Sculptures by lee eastwood



maybe your looking for a special gift for someone and your not sure what to get them, then let me make a commissioned sculpture for them.
just send the details to www.artparks.co.uk
tell them what sort of commission you want made, maybe it`s a sculpture of a pet you lost and you want something to remember them by.


everyone i know has been a influence in my life one way or another. but i would say the greatest influence would be my mother who in her own way by not pushing the boundaries in her own life, which always allowed us to go that bit further in our own life.


have some input by commissioning me to weave a sculpture for you, using your own design.

Public Works

i`ve put some of my willow sculptures on display for the public to view. buy after been inundated with requests i tend to just work on commission pieces now.

Teaching Experience
i teach willow weaving with groups of people. i also teach the W.I. women to weave in there village halls who are quite demanding although i always leave there with lots of home made pickle and i do one to one weaving sessions at home.
Public Acquisitions
the most important sculptures i`ve weaved are commissioned for shows as centre pieces where i`ve worked through the night to get them just right.
lots of my sculptures get presented to people for presents, retirement gifts or people self indulge in fine art for there own beliefs and in doing so enjoy there stroll around there garden more.


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