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Primarily inspired by a passion for dancing, and ballet in particular, in my figurative sculpture I’m driven to capture the liberating and almost meditative experience of being completely absorbed in the moment. Finding and celebrating inner peace became important to me when I stopped dancing; I hope the simple organic curves and peaceful nature of my sculptures will offer the viewer a sense of perspective, and serve as a reminder to appreciate and revel in the wonderful world around them.'

Laura Jane's collection of elegant contemporary bronze and stone sculptures range from small table top a handspan high to impressive larger lifesize pieces for the garden. Predominantly figurative, the collection also includes serene faces and wildlife.

Each sculpture is powerful yet elegant, as such they suit both classic and contemporary surroundings. The use of unique patinas adds interest and individuality to each limited edition piece.

An aspiring ballerina for many years, Laura Jane sought success in a corporate career following an injury. It was only when she met husband Sebastian she finally found the confidence and support to follow her dreams and live a more creative and adventurous life.

Each original artwork is sculpted in clay by Laura Jane, then husband and business partner Sebastian, a highly skilled mould maker and an expert in casting creates a mould and casts these in their South Oxfordshire studio. Hot cast bronzes are cast in specialist foundries using the lost wax method.

This vibrant creative couple specialise in bespoke sculptures as their combined skillset makes almost anything a possibility. Their studio, nestled within the picturesque Oxfordshire countryside, welcomes clients by appointment.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch to find out more about our work or to discuss a commission.


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