judy ann cropper

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Mediums Used

Judy Ann Cropper`s work is in collections as far afield as France, Denmark, New Zealand and South Africa, as well as all over Britain. She trained under the RA Exhibition Sculptor, Gerda Rubenstein and has exhibited widely with the ever successful Surrey Sculpture Society. She works in bronze marble and iron resin, from her original clay, working mostly in human and animal form, where she somehow catches the mood of repose or movement

Modelling in clay, she casts her pieces in a variety of media: Bronze Resin, Marble Resin, Iron Resin and Ciment Fondu

Sculptures by judy ann cropper



Judy Ann Cropper was born in London and at 10 weeks old was moved to India. There I stayed in one place for probably the longest period of my life, until recently, for four years! I have been what might be called a `camp follower` or its Naval equivalent with my father in the Army and my husband in the Royal Navy. I always enjoyed visits to Art Galleries and Museums but did not realise I could join in with the joy of making something `cultural` myself, until my children went off to school and Gerda Rubinstein helped to open my horizons when my husband and myself were living at Greenwich Royal Naval College. It was there in the Painted Hall that I had my first exhibition and almost my first sale of my own work - though at that time I would not sell ! Since then I have, when possible, been going to Adult Education Centres and have exhibited most of my work with some success

Public Works

Judy Ann Cropper`s work can be found throughout the United Kingdom and in France, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and New Zealand


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