jose miguel franco de sousa

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Mediums Used

Being around animals throughout his life, they have become the foundation of his work. His devotion to precision and details stems from his knowledge of the animals’ anatomy, which makes his work very realistic. He always tries to transmit the feeling of movement and features as close to reality as possible.

Being a hunter he is well familiar with guns and all the artifacts used in this sport, as well as the way dogs are used in the different forms of hunting. Being a passionate horseback rider, he also knows everything about the animal, the different saddles and bridles to be used, and the horse’s numerous movements such as walking, trotting, galloping or jumping.

When it comes to human figures, he puts a strong emphasis on capturing and transmitting the feeling of the expressions.

Sculptures by jose miguel franco de sousa



Born in 1949, in Alentejo, at the heart of the Portuguese countryside, spending most of his childhood on a farm and in permanent contact with farm animals, he soon learned everything about them. Son and grandson of farmers and amateur artists, he intended to follow their art early on by starting to draw and paint scenes he would see on a daily basis.
Living in the country as a farmer, it’s easy to start loving riding and hunting, thereby learning more about animals which has been very useful when drawing or painting them. After some years he became a show jumping rider and was part of a Portuguese taking part in a three day event.
Painter, and as of 1995 sculptor, his art was mostly based on the representation of animals. Only later, especially when adding sculptures to his repertoire, did he start to represent human figures which are prominent in his recent work.
He expanded into sculpturing in 1995 through a Spanish sculptor who invited him to try sculpturing. The success was such that as of today there are around one and a half thousand of his pieces all over the world. He has his sculptures in, Portugal, Spain, France, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Liechtenstein, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Israel.

Public Works

Public Monuments
Monument to the portuguese forcado, in Vila Franca, 2005.
A low relief representing Lord Byron in Sintra, 2013.

Public Acquisitions
Sculptures in private collections such as: HH The king of Spain HH Dª Pillar de Bourbon, the King’s sister The Portuguese Republican Guard Brian Deverlly, the Irish Coursing Club president, acquired at the auction of Waterloo Cup 2005 A sculpture of the unfortunately [disappeared]? Spanish bull fighter, Julio Robles, and several more.


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