Jon Bickley

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From an early age Jon Bickley would form animals from plasticine and it was perhaps inevitable that he would attend art school.

Sculptures by Jon Bickley



Jon Bickley was born in the Black Country in the West Midlands to a family of craftsmen, his father being a metal work teacher from a line of chainmakers and saddlers. From an early age Jon would form animals from plasticine and it was perhaps inevitable that he would attend art school - at sixteen he went to Stafford Art College followed by a BA at the Norwich School of Art.
In the years after art school Jon was fortunate enough to work day-to-day with the wild animals that he would portray in his sculpture and drawings. Working with Black Rhinos at John Aspinall`s in Port Lympne and then Head of Cats and Elephants at Twycross Zoo in the Midlands for ten years, Jon finally ended up back in Norfolk as Head Keeper at Banham Zoo. Since his decision to become a full time sculptor nearly twenty years ago.

Public Acquisitions
Jon Bickley`s work been seen in collections throughout Europe, the United States, Australia and Russia. Several of his bronzes are public pieces in Britain including the infamous "Hodge" the cat of Samuel Johnson in Gough Square situated between Fleet Street and Holbourn, London.


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