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John Hadfield, A natural Artist and Wild life Lover and a trained Engineer which all combine to make him so expert with his lively Stainless Steel sculptures.

Particularly with his wonderful Birds he cuts out each feather and individually welds it in just the right place. His preferred medium is stainless steel for its trouble free existance in all weathers which he buffs up to tone it down so it does not shine.

Commisions of Birds are what he enjoys most catching the subject in characteristic but slightly unusual poses which makes his work so sought after by Collectors and those who have a particular creature in mind to commission.

You can see he is equally at home creating animals and people, which he embues with a life and movement of their own

I have always painted and sketched so as an engineer it seemed a natural progression to make sculptures from the materials around me,so when I retired I then had the opportunity to use stainless steel which I cut into small pieces and weld together to form birds, animals and people. Eash sculpture taking between three to five weeks to produce

Sculptures by john hadfield



John Hadfield has always made sketches of wildlife and the countryside of Devon where he grew up. He was an engineer and it was a natural progression to make sculptures with his engineering skills and the materials he used in his work. He retired in 2016 and then had time to fulfill his long time ambition to make metal sculptures using stainless steel, he starts by drawing the subject, which is then used as a reference to create unique works of art, his style is influenced by the love of wildlife, also by his favorite sculptor Degas, especially the sculpture The Little Dancer. He has exhibited many times at Delamore Arts and also in local galleries, receiving commissions and sales at home and abroad, including a commission for Lord Darling and also for the Nuffield farming scholarship trust


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