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White Rhino

John Ellison lives in Cape Town South Africa a passionate and seasoned bronze sculptor who has a rare talent of being able to capture the subject, A love of African Wildlife is evident in his portrayal of these wonderful animals, Having sold many pieces all over the world his work is admired and enjoyed by many collectors.

John Ellison`s personal statement
It took many years to reach my dream of being an artist which has given me an even greater passion and pleasure than could be anticipated. As all artists do, I strive for perfection with every piece I produce, and will display only those pieces that give me pleasure and more importantly have been approved by my wife.

Sculptures by john ellison



John Ellison was born in 1931 Manchester, UK this was a place and time when becoming an artists was not the sensible thing to do, turning instead to engineering as a full time occupation, John raised a family and emigrated to South Africa in 1970. Here his love for the abundant African wildlife inspired him to resurrect his passion for art and he started to create bronze sculptures in the lost wax method.


John Ellison has been influenced by many artists with his main influences being Fredrick Remington from the USA and Dylan Lewis, South African, mixing these styles with his own unique interpretation.

Teaching Experience
Over the last five years John has gained valuable experience working closely with the staff at the Bronze Age Foundry and Gallery in Simons Town, Cape Town, SA. This relationship enabled John to have hands on involvement regarding the waxing and gating portions of his bronze sculptures.


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