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Mediums Used

Jesse Merton-Richards studied stonecarving under Jean Denise Biscornet in Canada, then studied with master masons in Croatia and after a foundation course in Falmouth where he studied with granite masons and has been carving ever since in an assortment of materials.

Sculptures by jesse merton richards



Jesse Merton-Richards`s Biography
Born in 1982 and brought up in London and Wiltshire. Since an early age, Jesse had the desire to express himself through the use of shape and form. As a child, his first creations were in the medium of wood, both in carving and lathe work, and this gave him his love of natural materials.

In his travels to Canada, he was inspired by Inuit carvings. The simplicity of the designs triggered his enthusiasm, reawakening his inherent desire to work with generic materials, and to find one which would allow his creative talents to flow freely.

On returning to England, he experimented carving in granite which proved to be interesting. He then started importing stone with a friend which gave him the opportunity of testing and working in many different materials. Jesse discovered Florentine alabaster, and this beautiful material has provided him with the opportunity to create a series of sculpture. Jesse has since carved pieces in a wide range of materials.

"I began carving aged 17 under Jean-Denis Biscornet in Canada In 2000, I then studied at Falmouth (College of Arts) and with granite masons. I am self taught mostly In Wiltshire (UK) and have exhibited in Oxford, Newbury, Wiltshire, London and Monaco. I have just started a new series of pieces in Indian Serpentine some onyx and some large pieces in wood which are being met with great enthusiasm I hope you enjoy them as much as I do


Jesse Merton-Richards
Hepworth, Moore, Michaelangelo.

Teaching Experience
Jesse Merton-Richards`s Teaching currently teaches sculpture to a number of private students at his workshop in wiltshire call 07771666132/01672 516 852 for details and he also volunteered teaching stone carving at a rehabilitation clinic for criminal drug addicts.