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Jenna Gearing is one of a new generation of talented and saught after artists with a proven track record of portraiture and attention to detail. Her rendition of the First World War`s Henry Allingham rests in the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton and her representation of the world renown pilot, Captain Eric Brown, is resident in the National Portrait Gallery.

Over the last few years she has enjoyed nothing more than creating human and animal sculptures, and loves finding out about their stories. Her love for nature has allowed her to particularly focus on wildlife and domestic animal pieces, as well as specialising in war veterans.
She continue to work on both private and open commissions, whether that be for museums or personal requests.

“My work embodies traditional sculpting skills with a dynamic, modern approach to the finished casting whilst aiming to capture personality and character.”

– Jenna Gearing

Sculptures by Jenna Gearing



"As a young artist, I strive to bring vitality and a sense of freshness into each piece. I do this by combining traditional pattinas with sculptures filled with life and presence. In this manner I consciously strive to capture a moment, gesture or feeling that is immediately relatable.

My sculptures are figurative and are mostly created on commission. My focus is animals and humans, with portraits being my most challenging yet rewarding pieces.
When sculpting my art I consider the three most important processes to be capturing, interpreting and representing.

Working with clay allows me to convey the character and emotion of a subject and I continuously aim to ensure my pieces are instantly recognisable.
The subject, either through live sittings or photographs, is personally interpreted in a way that I think will be most beautifully and accurately portrayed in the final bronze piece. This of course leads me into the ultimate stage and one of utmost importance: representation. Through my sculpture I hope to captivate and engage the viewer by allowing them to relate to the realism and personal nature that my finished pieces project.
At eleven years old I first started using clay in ceramics lessons at St Leonards Mayfield school. We were taught how to make small pots, animals and vessels. In time, I began becoming more experimental as my confidence with the material grew, creating more intricate and larger pieces.
This soon resulted in getting pieces cast in bronze, before holding my first private exhibition in 2012.
Over the last few years I have enjoyed nothing more than creating human and animal sculptures, and have loved finding out about their stories. My love for nature has allowed me to particularly focus on wildlife and domestic animal pieces, as well as specialising in war veterans.
I continue to work on both private and open commissions, whether that be for museums or personal requests." - Jenna Gearing

Public Works

Future commissions;

- Captain Eric Winkle Brown 9ft tall for the Royal Navy
- Manchester Bombings commemoration
- Billy Fiske 9ft tall for the US embassy in London

Public Acquisitions
Jenna Gearing`s Impotant Work. - Henry Allingham for Fleet Air Arms museum - Henry Allingham for Redoubt War museum - Henry Panmure Gordon for Panmure Gordon & Co - Peter Blencowe for Brambletye School - Lt Norwood VC for The Royal Dragoon Guards - Gurkha Soldiers for Queens Gurkha Engineers fundraiser following Nepali earthquakes - Captain Eric Winkle Brown aged 96 for National Portait Gallery of Scotland (One of the youngest sculptors to have a piece bought by) - Captain Eric Winkle Brown, depicted War time era, for Fleet Air arms museum


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