jane clarke

This artist accepts commissions

Mediums Used

It`s a jungle out there and Jane`s work is a symbiotic landscape from shiny public art pieces to plasticine trees. Jane`s currently working on the plans to make a carbon fibre 16 person seesaw and a merry go round so stupendous that it will make one of her life ambitions come true.

Sculptures by jane clarke



The Herald 17th May 2013

http://www.weekendnotes.co.uk/paint-exhibition-studio-upstairs/ 2013

`themark` Summer 2006-`The art of making it`

Public Works

Paradise in Plasticine at Chelsea Flower Show. Designed and constructed the tree and other features of the garden.

Public Art Commission from Waverley Borough Council 2006, `Symbiosis II`

The Farnham Library Gardens Project 2005, `Symbiosis I`

Teaching Experience
S.E.N assistant at Education Programme at the Mall Galleries, London W1, including assisting in workshops and curating the exhibition 2004-2006 Assisted at Islington Arts Factory education programme 2010 Private tutorials 2012. Kite Studio`s Studio Upstairs