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Her love of all animals is supremely exemplified in all of her sculpture. Some catching that moment, whether the poise before the pounce of a big cat or the sudden turn of a swerving hare. She now spends much of her time in South Africa working on her beloved animals.

Her work, therefore, portrays the animals of the English countryside and the game of the African bush. Horses are a particular love of this accomplished horsewoman who has competed successfully in both eventing and dressage.

Sculptures by jan sweeney



The daughter of an Irish vet, Jan Sweeney grew up in the open countryside of East Anglia, on the East coast of England. Her early training was at Colchester Art School, and she followed this with 3 years working in Verona, Italy, under sculptor Mike Noble. She first visited Africa in 1985 and the African scene and wildlife had a powerful influence on her work.

She now divides her time between the peaceful rolling hills of Somerset, South West England and the wild bush of the Zambezi Valley in Zambabwe. Her work therefore, portrays the animals of the English countryside and the game of the African bush. Horses are a particulare love of this accomplised horsewoman who has competed successfully in both eventing and dressage.


At the ripe age of 45 I was invited to Zimbabwe, I left my cloths behind saying I will be back. Returning to UK, and my buissness, I was sensitive to the chemicals so could not continue!- so I went back to Zim to be a sculptor self taught.

Teaching Experience
Ceramic Sculpture Courses 4 students 2/3 day workshops Clay sculptures of all sorts mould making and pouring wax
Public Acquisitions
Art in Wildlife, Cirencester, UK BP Collection, Harare, Zimbabwe First National Bank Art Collection, Johannesburg, South Africa.


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Bronze Bird statues Jan Sweeney Sculpture Jan Sweeney statues Large Bird Sculpture Large Bird Statue Little Bronze Ostrich Sculpture Little Ostrich Statue Small Bronze Ostrich Sculpture Small Bronze Ostrich statue Wild Bird sculpture wild bird statue Boxing Hare Sculpture Boxing Hares statue Bronze Boxing Hares sculpture Bronze Hare Sculpture Bronze Hares Statues Jan Sweeney Statue Life Size Hare statue Mad March Hare sculpture Sparring Hares Sculptures Sparring Hares Statue Bronze Horses Statue Bronze Race Horse Sculpture Equestrian Statue Jan Sweeney Race Horse Sculpture Little Bronze Horse sculpture Race Horse and Jockey Sculpture Race Horse Statue Race Horses Sculpture Small Bronze Horse statue Small Equine sculpture Bronze Eagle Owl Sculpture Bronze Eagle Owl Statue Bronze Owl Statue Eagle Owl Sculpture Jan Sweeney Wild Life Sculpture Little Eagle Owl Statue Little Resting Owl Sculpture Owl statue Perched Bronze Owl Sculpture Bird of Prey sculpture Bronze Hunting Falcon Sculpture Bronze Peregrine Falcon sculpture Bronze Peregrine Falcon statue Life Size Falcon Sculpture Perched Peregrine Sculpture Perched Peregrine Statue Peregrine Falcon sculpture Peregrine Falcon Statue Animal sculpture Animal statue Bronze Hares Sculpture Bronze Hares Statue hare sculpture Little Boxing Hares Statue March Hares Sculptures March Hares Statue Small Boxing Hares Sculptures Wild Animal sculpture Wild Animal statue Boxing Hare Statue bronze Hare statue Bronze Standing Hare Sculpture Bronze Standing Hare Statue Bronze Upright Hare sculpture Jan Sweeney Hare Sculpture Jan Sweeney March Hare statue Life Size Hare statues March Hare Statues Bronze Wild Hare statue Fighting Hares Sculpture Fighting Hares Statue hare statue Two Hares Sculpture Two Hares Statue Wild Animal statues Wild Hare Sculpture Bronze Polo Player Statuette Bronze Polo Pony sculpture Bronze Polo Pony statue Horse and Rider sculptures Little Bronze Polo Sculpture Polo Pony and Rider Sculpture Polo Pony and Rider Statue Polo Pony sculpture Polo Pony statue Small Polo Sculpture Bronze Horse and Rider Sculpture bronze Polo Pony & Player sculpture Horse and Rider sculpture Jan Sweeney Polo Sculpture Little Bronze Polo Players Statue Little Equestrian Polo Players statue Small Horse and Rider Statue Bronze Horse & Rider Polo Sculpture Bronze Polo Players Sculpture Bronze Polo Players Statue Equestrian Equine statues Horse & Rider sculpture Horse & Rider statues Little bronze Horse & Rider statues Little Polo Ponies statue Polo Players Sculpture Bronze Equestrian Statue Bronze Horse & Rider Statue Bronze Horse & Rider Statuettes Bronze Polo Player sculpture Bronze Polo Player Statue Polo player & Pony sculpture Smalls Polo Player Sculpture