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Mediums Used

James Hixson is a sculptor living on the beach in south Florida. He specializes in full size feminine forms out of rescued or recycled wood.

I believe that the female form is a paradox; a mystery that I choose to explore. Both sexual and demure “graceful and strong”. The feminine shape is a timeless ambiguity that all can relate to. Wives, sisters, daughters, mothers, lovers: every segment of society has some notion of femininity. My goal is to explore this legend: this power of female sexuality.

My chosen medium to represent the female form is wood. I believe that wood is the most beautiful substance; it is both natural as well as sensual. The flowing topographical lines and curves of wood, as seen in various grains, inherently emphasize the natural beauty of feminine curvature. Wood also perfectly expresses the qualities of sensuality: while hard and strong, it also can be both soft and warm.

Wood is organic; an innate part of this earth and who we all are as people. However, wood is also rich and varied – creating a natural paradigm of originality and creativity.

Each piece of wood was chosen for the inherent character it represents. Each log/tree/branch/knot brought out a specific form. No human models were used in these pieces, the trees itself were the inspiration.

Sculptures by james hixson



James Hixson is an art instructor at a high school in Southwest Florida. James views this experience as a venue to enhance his own art, while educating the community on creative expression.

James Hixson first became interested in art while in elementary school, when he won an award at an art competition. This interest flourished when in high school, he entered several sculptures in the "Governor`s Art Show" in Ohio, and won a top prize. He then sold several pieces from the show and received commission for four more pieces.

In college at Ohio University, Hixson majored in Art Education, with an emphasis on Sculpture. He received several commissions while in school, including designing and creating an award for the Voinovich Center.

Ever since then, James Hixson has been creating works, and exhibiting from Ohio to Florida. His works center on feminine forms, with the medium primarily being wood. He chooses wood pieces carefully, allowing the natural curves and knots to influence each sculpture.

Teaching Experience
Gateway Charter High, Fort Myers FL Sculpture Instructor.