james bayliss

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James Bayliss is currently working as a stone mason on Gloucester Cathedral. Such is his the demand for his skill there, that he now has little time for private work. He is however always interested to hear from people who would like to discuss a commission.He has acheived his NVQ Level 3 Banker Masonry and Level 3 Heritage Masonry. He also has a passion for carving and uses his spare time to work on commissions of any description, including letter cutting, carvings and other commissions.
He is currently working at Gloucester Cathedral and has been since 2012.

Sculptures by james bayliss



James Bayliss has a background of Landscaping and building, and it is from this that he gets his inspiration; the natural elements. He completed a HNC in Garden Design and then set up his own business as a Landscape Gardener/Designer. He then went down to London where he studied Advanced Stone Masonry at The Building Crafts College (The BCC), whereby he won Diploma Student of the Year.
After completing his time at The BCC, he went straight into a job at a local church, and he continues to work as a stonemason and stone carver.