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Fifteen years ago, Jacques Cassiman, who was exclusively a painter and a drawer, received a wax block from a friend and started to shape some small figures in an antique way. With extreme lines and precision, casted in bronze and patinated, they remind greek silhouettes highly stripped that they only kept the essential of the body, or the Etruscan statuettes whose whole truth seems to be concentrated on the face. This set of works by going back to the origins in three dimensions is like one more step in the approach of the artist to finding the human. One of the last sculpture, a bronze torso, full scale, seems to be animated by a vital breath.

(cf Colette Bertot, art critic in l`Echo)

Sculptures by jacques cassiman


Public Acquisitions
Private Collections Works in private collections in Australia, France, Italy, Great Britain, Luxemburg, Spain, USA,Canada, Israël and Belgium. Public Collections Collection of Flemish Ministry of Culture Bonnefanten Museum of Maastricht (NL) Cabinet of Prints of Brussels Vincent Price Collection Chicago (USA) Mazelow Gallery Toronto (Canada) Museum of Mini Graphic – Viroinval City of Pepingen


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Dreaming Man`s Face statue Male Face Sleeping statue Male Head sculpture Male Head statue Male Skull Sculpture Male Skull Statue Man Asleep Face statue Man`s Face statuette Prehistoric Man Sculpture Prehistoric Man Statue Skull sculpture Skull statue Dying Nude statues Falling Head First Sculpture Falling Nude Female Sculpture Female Figurative sculpture Female Hurtling Down Statue Female statue Naked Bronze Female Sculpture Nude Female statue Nude Female Tumbling Statue Tumbling Bronze Sculpture Bronze Crucifixion Sculpture Bronze Crucifixion Statuettes Bronze Male Torture Sculpture Bronze Tortured Man Sculpture Crucifixion Statue Little Tortured Male Sculpture Little Tortured Man Sculpture Modern Crucifixion Sculpture Tortured Man Sculpture Female Swimming Sculpture Female Swimming Statue Girl Swimming Sculpture Girl Swimming Statue Girl Torso Sculpture swimming sculpture Swimming Statue Torso sculpture bras bronze Bronze Arm Sculpture Bronze Limb Sculpture Bronze Limb Statue Bronze Severed Arm Statue Dismembered Arm sculpture Hand & Arm Sculpture Hand statue Macabre Arm Statue Severed Limb Sculpture Severed Limb Statue Wounded Arm Sculpture Bronze Skull sculpture Bronze Skull statuette Little Skull Sculptures Macabre Skull Statue Male Head Skull Statue Prehistoric Man Sculptures Prehistoric Man Statues Small Male Head Sculpture Small Male Skull Sculptures Small Male Skull Statue bronze Mother statue bronze Mother`s Torso sculpture Female Torso statuette Little Female Torso Sculpture Little Pregnant Mother sculpture Mother Torso sculpture Nude Mother Torso sculpture Nude Torso statue Parent statue small Pregnant Mother statue bronze Figurative sculpture bronze Figurative statue Bronze Male sculpture Bronze Male Statue Figurative Male Sculpture Figurative Male Statue Man Sculpture Man Statue Nude Male sculpture Nude Male statue Abstract bronze sculpture Abstract Figurative sculpture Abstract Figurative statue Abstract Man Sculpture Abstract Man statue Male sculpture Male statue Abstract Male and Female Head Sculpture Head sculpture Head statue Male and Female Head Sculpture Male and Female Head Statue Bronze Chest statuettes bronze Male Torso sculpture Bronze Male Torso Statue Bronze Torso Sculpture Little Male Torso Sculpture Male Torso statue Nude Male Torso sculpture Nude Male Torso statue Small Bronze Torso Statues Torso statue Bronze Nude Male Torso Sculpture Bronze Torso statue Indoor sculpture Indoor statue Male Torso sculpture