jacqueline billington ne warren

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Jacqueline Billingtonlives in rural Somerset surrounded by inspiation which she so brilliantly translates into her beautiful sculptures for youn to enjoy.

Jacqueline Billington writes I like to represent the animals in my sculptures exhibiting their elegance, energy, grace and beauty.

Sculptures by jacqueline billington ne warren



Jacqueline Billington worked as an illustrator and portrait artist after graduating with her degree in the early 80s, then in the early 90s, she found Sculpture! Annette Yarrow became a key mentor and Jacqueline rapidly became commissioned by commercial sculpture producing companies for bronze resin or painted resin. She decided to then only sculpt for bronze casting and she was commissioned by a Foundry in the midlands to produce sculptures for them to market. This continued for many years, and overall she has produced over 60 sculptures of this type, but she now prefers to work to private commission. Horses have always figured strongly in Jacquelines life and she trains horses for classical dressage, but she loves to sculpt all animals.


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