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Ivan Lovatt

Ivan Lovatt is a professional sculptor who has been creating sculpture for private collections, corporations and public exhibition for the past 8 years. Ivan`s work is characterized by his ingenuity and innovation, which motivates his to find new and interesting ways to capture his love of nature and his fascination with humanity.

Ivan initially worked with driftwood and reclaimed timber, which he fashioned into exquisite representations of birds and wildlife. Ivan received a great deal of publicity and public acclaim for this work and won the Swell Festival People`s Choice in 2004 with his representation of a flightless bird “Running Bird Walking”.

I create both abstract and realistic representations, which are tactile, appealing to the viewer to touch. As my skills developed and evolved he was drawn to figurative work, and I began a series of portraits of famous people which candidly demonstrates the superior level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Sculptures by ivan lovatt



Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Ivan spent his childhood in Africa, England, Wales and Germany. When not outside enjoying the natural environment, Ivan was drawn to all forms or artistic expression, and began drawing birds and African wildlife. As an adult, Ivan worked mostly in construction, but art was always an important part of his life. Ivan would spend all of his spare time learning about art, experimenting and trying to explore each medium to its potential. Ivan exhibited his sculpture and paintings in group exhibitions at the Guidhall Grantham, before emigrating to Australia in 1994. He now lives in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Inspired by his new environment Ivan focused his creativity on the hands on reality of sculpture. Ivan is particularly excited by the transformation of such an ordinary medium as chicken wire to a piece of art. He is drawn towards creating work that is accessible, recognizable and meaningful to the public. Ivan`s personality is represented in his sculpture. His work is honest, often quirky and amusing, yet demonstrates compassion for his subject, and above all has great integrity.


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Public Works

Jackmann Gallery, Melbourne
Astras Gallery, Marina Mirage, Gold Coast
The Way of Design Gallery, Currumbin, Gold Coast
Gold Coast City Council, Elanora Library
Ripley`s "Believe it or not" Museum in USA, Australia and UK
Capanart Gallery, Tamborine Mountain.

Public Acquisitions
Represented in Private collections in Australia and overseas.


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