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Ian only looks to nature for inspiration, he is a tradional Sculptor and revel in the smallest of detail of any subject he takes on.

I only look to nature as my inspriation, I am a tradtional Scuptor and revel in the smallest detail of any subject I take on. i love the work of the old masters and respect the toil and time spent on one sculpture, it is evident that quality only comes at a price, and generally that prive requires committed talent and the consummation of time as they go hand in hand. I do not believe that you can improve too much on the beauty of nature but one is able to enhance a moment in time by providing a different perspective to reality. If I was to live a hundred life times, I would not be able to fulfil my passion for the need to sculpt. I mostly enjoy sculpting people and animal interacting in a harmonious and coexistent setting.

I have progressed over the years from minute finger sized resin sculpted figurines to 3 metre high Concrete and Bronze and resin sculptures weighting over a tonne. This evolution and passion for detail has stood me in good stead for my recent works, and I really enjoy it when people can see that little extra effort in the work I portray.

Sculptures by ian haggerty



Born in Edinburgh, Military trained, Ian moved to Canada in 1993 where he studied at the Dundas Valley School of Art, in Ontario. He has won numberous awards and commissions across North America and Europe, and regards his sculptures of animals and nature as his specialty. Ian works predominantly in resin, clay polymer concrete and bronze. Ian is currently a resident of the Gold Coast, and has achieved a find local following for his sculptures.

Public Works

2005 - Seal and Pup, Gold Coast City Council

2007 - Due to travel constraints on my time, I
decided to concentrate on private
commissions only.

2008 - Dads old shoes

Public Acquisitions
1998 - " Mud Rats" private Collector, Germany 2000 - "Ceasar Augustus" private collector, Canada 2000 - "Young Brenos" private collector, Canada 2001 - "Smoke Break" private collector, Canada 2002 - "Horny Devil" private collector, Canada 2003 - "Piggyback" private collector, Noosa 2004 - "Xtasy" private collector, Hawaii 2005 - "Sealed with a Kiss" private collector, Gold Coast 2007 - “Harmony” private collector Gold Coast 2008 - “Dads old Shoes’ Private Collector 2010 - “Early Rains” Stock Up For Hope Outback Charity 2010 - “Coffee Break” Stock up For Hope Outback Charity 2011 - Gen Y "A Night on the Tiles" 2011 - "She`ll be right" Bronze 2011 - "Take Ten" Bronze