henk van putten

This artist accepts commissions

Mediums Used

Whose mastery of design and precision shows through in all his work. The rhythms he creates are superbly defined in these pieces we have here? Look and marvel how simple he makes a complex concept. He is a giant amongst giants with pieces in most serious collections in the world.

Sculptures by henk van putten



Henk was born in Amsterdam in 1936

1948 - Technical School - Amsterdam
1950-60 - Works as designer at various studios
1959 - Journey through Spain and Morocco
1965 - Sets up own Consultancy Agency
1970 - Moves to Ibiza and works as freelance artist
and exhibits in Gallery Vandervoort
1972 - Returns to the Netherlands and continues as
freelance designer
1973 - Marries Agnus Gastmans and continues to work
as freelance sculptor
1976 - Settles in Amsterdam
1980 - Founds Gallery "Art Stable" first edition of
Art Stable Review
2001 - Study trip to India
2002-04 - Regular visits to India
2005 - Takes up permanent residence in Auroville,

Public Acquisitions
Commissioned Work 1982 Arnhem - Netherlands, sculpture for National Sports Centre `Papendal` 1984 Netherlands, Paper Press for Publisher Wolters Samson 1985 London - UK, sculpture for Herman Miller Furniture 1990 Amstelveen - Netherlands, Relief Panel for BUMA - STEMRA 1994 Woerden - Netherlands, timepiece for the City Hall chamber 1995 Amsterdam - Netherlands, floating sculpture for Spinhex Printers 1996 Leiden - Netherlands, table and chairs for gallery Leiden 1997 Heemstede - Netherlands, Light Object for the Kuiper Group 1998 Heemstede - Netherlands, `Balancing Object` in stainless steel for the Kuiper Group 1998 Den Bosch - Netherlands, `Spring in stainless steel` SAP 2000 Amersfoort - Netherlands, Kinetic object for Wolter and Dros (oeuvre award) Collections Ibiza - Spain, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Amsterdam - Netherlands, City collection Nijmegen - Netherlands, City collection Amstelveen - Netherlands, BUMA - STEMRA Nijmegen - Netherlands, Museum "Het Valkhof" Bedburg Hau - Germany, Museum "Schloss Moyland" Den Bosch- Netherlands, SAP Guernsey - United Kingdom, Art Parks International.