haytham sherif

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Mediums Used

Haytham Sherif
visual artist and writer.
Born 3-9-1984 in Egypt
• September 2001 – June 2005
Baccalaureus in social work
Helwan University
Faculty of social work
• October 2006 – June 2010
Baccalaureus in Art
Arts Academy, Giza
Higher Institute of cinema.
Animation department
-Grade “ Excellent ” with Excellency merit
• October 2010 – June 2012
Arts Academy, Giza
Higher Institute of cinema.
Animation department
-Grade “very good”, with Excellency merit

Film making
• 2009
“Another way” – As a Director and scriptwriter-
Egypt 2009Short Animation35mm4:16 min
Production: High Cinema Institute
• 2010
participated in authorization and Art direction of short films in institute.
• 2007-2010
Free-lance storyboard artist in commercials field.
• 2011-2012
worked as a set designer, concept artist, costume designer and sculptor in
stop motion movies
• 2011-2013
Food stylist 1st Assistant and mock-up artist in commercials field.
• 2013
Co exhibition “Brain Damage” Darb 1718 Egypt

Sculptures by haytham sherif



Haytham Sherif
Contemporary Egyptian Visual Artist,writer, and Fabricator with a bachelor’s degree in social works from Helwan University, studied animation at high cinema institute of Egypt.Holds a postgraduate higher diploma in animation and cinematic arts.