gil sadeh

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Mediums Used

Gil Sadeh is active since 1999 and since then he is trying to make city streets and parks more pleasant and happier.
His sculptures are mostly made of concrete and steel and are large scale sculptures.
Over the years many different sculptures and unique projects have been placed in streets, parks, schools and hospitals.
Lately Gil Sadeh has been making smaller indoor sculptures made of bronze for private and public spaces

I want to create sculptures because I want to create a much more fun, colorful and meaningful experience of living.

Sculptures by gil sadeh



Born in Israel in 1973.
As a child, Gil sadeh learned all kinds of arts and crafts, though never thought of becoming an artist.
After learning landscape architecture he understood that he wants to focus on the specific artistic side of the public enviornement and still during his studies of arts and design begun to create his first outdoor sculpture. Never stoped since than.


Niki de Saint-Phalle.
Dr. seuss.
Jean Tinguely.
Max Ernst.


"Over the years gives Gil Sadeh creates a unique world. His sculptures are characterized by rich imagination, humor, happiness and simplicity.
In the urban environment in which we live, the sculptures, playgrounds and parks of Gil Sadeh give us a colorful experience of imagination in the urban gray.
I invite you to join this world."
Eric Leffler, CEO of Baloo Smart Media

Public Works

During the 15 years that Gil Sadeh is creating outdoor sculptures, hundreds of scultpures have been placed all over Israel, and lately also in France and Belgium.