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Gary Boulton is an Artist in Metal whose Potential is evedent with every thing he turns his hand to, and soon people will be boasting that they got an early Gary Boulton before his prices rocketted, and his Fame matched his astonishing skill.

Sculptures by gary boulton



Gary grew up in the village of Dyrham, Wiltshire UK.

He trained as an apprentice welder fabricator and attended the Bath Technical College in the early 90`s.

After many years of working in various aspects of engineering and welding Gary honed his skills towards architectural metalwork where high levels of finesse were required. From the architectural experience he then discovered a passion for sculpture.

Gary moved to New Zealand in 2007 and the natural beauty of its landscape provided the inspiration to produce the work that you see today.

After 10 years of creating sculpture in New Zealand, Gary has returned to the UK and continues to create contemporary, kinetic and figurative sculpture. The majority of his sculpture is created from stainless steel, corten (weathering steel) and mild steel.


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