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Gail Morris Originally from Bangor in Wales and having trained at St Martins, she now lives and works in Croatia. Her work is very strong and personal and is inspired by where she works and her background. You can not categorize her work, only glory in it`s generosity, size and power.

Gail Morris began her career working with abstract construction in metal. After a visit to the United States she became fascinated with the work of Gonzalez began exploring the possibilities of incorporating forged elements in her work. This work with the forge lead to a change in subject matter and to further studies. At St. Martins she studied the figure, and the body in movement. It was at this point she was introduced to stone as a material and began to work with traditional carving methods. As a natural process of development she began to combine this knowledge creating the combination of forged metal constructed within, through and around carved stone.

She has been working on how light passes through the material. Time, placement and the passage of the sun`s light play an important role in the sculptures of this period. How light penetrates into the interior how it changes and the internal space created. Light and space as a mass in movement, within and through a stationary form.

Duality is a constantly returning theme in her work. Two objects, not physically connected but sharing some sort of dialogue. An action, a look or a space causes a communication from one to the other. The viewer is no longer the second person in a two way conversation but has become a third party, the observer, one step removed.

Sculptures by gail morris



Gail Morris was born in 1958 in Bangor North Wales, educated at Wimbledon School of Art and St. Martins School of Art.

So far Gail has done five personal exhibitions and various group shows. Attended 12 international symposium in Europe and South America.


Fascinated with the work of Gonzalez.

Public Works

Marusici Sculpture Park, Croatia
Pablo Neruda Foundation, Chile
Mediteranian Sculpture Park, Labin. Croatia
Forma Viva, Portoroz, Slovenia
Parque Forestal, Santiago de Chile
Town Council of Piran and Portoroz, Slovenia
Ilok Museum Croatia
Town of Grosuple, Slovenia, (2006)
Associazione Lis Agnis, Ecomuseo delle Dolomiti Friulane. Italy
Town Council of Koper (SLO)
War Memorail Park Cormons (IT)
Bronze collection Lendova Castle Museum, (SLO)

Teaching Experience
1985 - 89 - Teaching in International Summer School of sculpture Kornarija (YU) 2001-09 Kornarija Artworkshop Istria, Croatia. 2009 and 10 Punta Project, Piran. for Kud Korenina. Slovenia. 2011 Kud Korenina Mentor in Gomila Studio 2012 & 13 Kud Korenina Punta project, Piran, Slovenia, Mentor
1987 - 1st International Symposium of Sculpture, Pablo Neruda Foundation, Chilie 1990 - Mediteranian Sculpture Symposium, Croatia 1991 - Forma Viva Slovenia 1992 - Ibero Americana y Carribe Symposium, Santiago< Chile 2005 - Forma Viva, Slovenia 2006 - Grosuplje Town of Sculptures 2007 - 2007 Dalla Materia alla Forma, Ecomuseo, Mulino di Borgo Ampiano, Pinzano al, Tagliamento. Italia. 2009 - Kamniti Ples, Koper Slovenia. 2010 - Il Faro, Vergnacco, Udine, Italy. 2013 - 2e Symposium Int. de Scultura en Aquitaine, Chateau du Prince Noir, Bordeaux. (France) 2014 Nova Podoba Mestne Obale, Koper (SLO) 2017 45th International Fine Arts Colony, Lendova (SLO)


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Abstract Circular Stone sculptures Abstract Circular Stone statue Carved Contemporary Stone sculpture Carved Stone Garden Abstract statue Circular Abstract Stone sculptures Circular Garden Carved Stone statues Contemporary Garden or Terrace sculpture Abstract Garden sculpture Abstract sculpture Abstract Stone Sculpture garden sculpture outdoor garden sculpture stone garden sculpture Abstract Zen Buddhist sculpture Circular Contemplation sculpture Little Circular Abstract statue Little Contemporary Loop statuettes Little Indoor Abstract sculpture Loop of Peace sculpture Modern Circular Meditation statue Modern Zen stone sculpture Carved Stone Window sill sculpture Contemporary stone sculpture Little Contemporary Carved statue Little Desktop Stone sculptures Modern Calming statues Small Tabletop sculptures Stone statue Three Contemporary Stone Carvings Triplicate Stone statues Abstract Carved Stone sculpture Abstract Construction Forged sculpture Bug statues Carved and Forged statue Contemporary Insect sculpture Contemporary Steel & Stone sculpture Indoor Contemporary statue Interior Abstract statue modern Abstract statues Abstract Desk top Bronze sculpture Abstract Small Round sculpture Bronze Abstract Bowl sculpture Bronze Abstract Vessel Sculpture Desk Top Abstract Beaker Sculpture Little Roundish statue Mother Nature Earth sculpture Primitive drinking vessel statue Abstract Primitive Venus Sculpture Bronze Abstract Woman sculpture Bronze Earth Mother statue Bronze Female Abstract Sculpture Bronze Small Female sculpture Contemporary Earth Mother Sculpture Indoor Female Abstract Statue Modern Bronze Female statue Figurative stone sculpture Fruit Abstract sculptures Garden Abstract carvings statue Garden Seed Abstract statues semi-abstract carvings semi-abstract Garden sculptures semi-abstract statues stone Garden statues stone Magnolia Seed Abstract statue Contemporary Minimalist small modern Abstract flower statues Modern Abstract sculptures modern Garden sculptures Modern Garden statues small Garden Abstract sculptures small Garden Abstract statues small Garden bird bath small Garden sculptures Contemporary Abstract Garden sculptures Contemporary Claw Garden statues Minimalist Abstract Garden sculptures modern Abstract Fang Garden sculptures modern Abstract Indoor statues Post modern Abstract statues semi-abstract Abstract Animal sculptures Abstract Small sculptures Abstract statues Animal Abstract sculpture Animal Abstract sculptures Garden statues Indoors sculptures Modern Abstract carved sculptures Museum sculptures unusual statues