Sculptures by Fabrizio Lorenzani


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Architectural Sculptures Carved Abstract Contemporary Modern sculpture statue carving Carved Stone, Marble, Alabaster, Soap Stone Granite Lime stone Sculpture Construction Abstract Sculpture Statues Indoor Inside Interior Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculptures Abstract Contemporary Modern Outdoor Outside Garden / Yard Sculptures Statues statuary Conceptual Art Sculptures statues often Large or Monumental Abstract Art Focal Point Abstract Contemporary Modern sculpture statue Modern Abstract Contemporary Avant Garde Sculptures or Statues or statuettes or statuary Monumental Contemporary Abstract Modern sculptures Carved or Carving sculpture Interior Indoors Inside Sculpture Contemplative, Restful, Thougtful Sculptures Minimalist Understated Abstract Contemporary Sculpture statuary statuettes Small /Little Abstract Contemporary sculptures/statues Square Rectangular Cube shaped Abstract sculpture statue Garden Or Yard / Outside and Outdoor Sculptures Horse Head or Bust or Mask or Portrait sculpture statuettes statue figurines Horse Sculpture/ Equines Race Horses Pack HorseCart Horses Plough Horsess Horses Outdoors, Outside, Life Size, Big, Large, Huge Sculptures Statues memorials commissions custom made Abstract Modern Contemporary statues sculpture statuary Angular Jagged Abstract Modern Contemporary sculpture statuary Columnar Pillar Upright Vertical Stele Abstract Contemorary Modern sculpture statue statuary Busts and Heads Sculptures Classical Style Sculptures and statues Nudes, Female Sculptures Nudes/ Male Sculpture Torsos Chests Females / Women / Girls / Damsels Sculptures Statues statuary Torsos Sculptures or Chests Abstract Contemporary Modern Large Monumental Public Art sculpture statues statuary


This artists work is found in the following tags on site:
Abstract sculpture Abstract Stone Sculpture architectural sculpture in stone Architectural statue contemporary art in stone sculpture Contemporary art in Stone Statue Contemporary Carved Stone sculpture Stone carved statue Stone carved Yard Sculpture Carved Horse Head Statue Carved Marble Horse Bust statues Carved Marble Horse Head sculptures Marble Horse Head Carvings Marble Horse Head sculpture Marble Horse statues sLife Size Horse Head statuary Stone Horse Head Carving White Horse Head statues Abstract sculpture in Marble Contemporary Art in stone Geometric Vertical Stone statue Marble Abstract sculpture Minimalist Vertical Stone statues modern Focal Point Garden statue Outdoor Contemporary Garden sculpture Tall Angular Contemporary statue bust sculpture bust statue Carved Stone statue Classical sculpture Classical statue Head sculpture Head statue portraits Sculpture Torso sculpture Torso statue Abstract Outdoor Garden statue Carved Marble Abstract sculpture Carved Marble Modern statue Modern Contemporary Carved sculptures Modern Contemporary Spiritual Sculptures Modern Contemporary Stone sculptures Stone Architectural contemporary sculpture Carved Marble Contemporary sculptures Carved Stone Abstract statue Contemporary Architectural Marble sculptures Contemporary Miniature Temple Columns sculpture modern Abstract Architectural statues modern Minimalist Pillar statue Stone Pillars statue Carved Stone Architectural Contemporary sculptures Contemporary Marble statuette Cut & Carved Stone sculpture Inside Carved Contemporary statues Little Architectural Indoor statue Little Contemporary Art sculptures Precise Abstract Vertical statuette Abstract Marble Carved Buildings Abstract Miniature Stone sculpture Abstract Structure sculpture Minimalist Architecture sculpture Minimalist Structure sculptures Modern Abstract Architectural sculptures sculpture of Columns Stone sculpture of Temple